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Thursday, February 16, 2012 – Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas USVI – Mostly Sunny – 81F

Distance from St. Maarten: 86 Nautical Miles

A beautiful day in Paradise

The plan today is to walk into Charlotte Amalie and check out the Passman Jewelry Store.  We are parked at the main pier (not the Point Crown Pier used by the Queen Mary 2) so the walk is considerably shorter and uses a shortcut through the expansive mall located at the Marina.

Solstice docked in Char Am (Small)

Solstice docked at Charlotte Amalie

It’s hot today and there’s not a lot of shade on the way.

 Charlotte Amelie Port (Small)

A small park and monument just off the dock

Stream on the way to Charlotte Am (Small)

Stream running through a condo complex near pier

The trip was about 1.6 miles and as we got back on the bay road, the Solstice was visible across Charlotte Amalie Bay.

Solstice across the bay (Small) Jewelry Row Charl Am (Small) 

Jewelry Store Row in Charlotte Amalie

Even though this is a port day, I was scheduled to give my third talk, “Secrets of the Royal Families” at 4:30 PM (we push at 5:00).  Expectations were low for a good crowd since people were returning from their excursions jut about the time I was speaking.

The crowd surprised even me, going SRO again – extra chairs had to be brought in an a few people were sitting on the stairs.  Some people decided not to stay because they couldn’t get a seat.  Attendance was in excess of 200 people.  I ran a little long but no one seemed to mind.

Dinner again at the Ocean View Cafe with Esperanza's singer, Lolita.  It was a great dinner chatting with her.

The Captain came on the PA and announced that the ship had returned to the pier.  One of the passengers required medical attention and the ship had to drop the passenger off at the pier for treatment.  It took about an hour or more for the ship to finally push.

Charlotte Amelie at night (Small) Charlotte Amelie at night 1 (Small) Charlotte Amelie at night 2 (Small)

After dinner in the Ocean View Cafe, we were reunited with Karen Grainger for Showtime in the Celebrity Theater/

Karren Grainger as Cher (Small) Cher again (Small) Cher again 1 (Small)

Karen Grainger as Cher (pictures above)

Karen changed her show somewhat including singing more songs in her own voice (below).

Karen as Karen (Small) 

KG as Celine Dion (Small)

Karen as Celine Dion

The biggest surprise came when she sang “Hallelujah” in her own voice.  She told us later that she really liked that song and decided to include it in her show.

 KG Hallelujah (Small)


Karen finished off her show with “Time to Say Goodbye” another one of my favorite – and apparently – Karen Grainger’s favorite songs.

KG Time to say goodbye (Small)

“Time to Say Goodbye”

We said hello to Karen on the way out (she did remember us).

We are really looking forward to the two straight see days.

Pedometer: 12951 Steps; 6.1 miles; 634 calories

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