Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Sunny, Windy – 70s

A beautiful, yet windy, day at Sea…

Sea Day 2-27 1 (Small)

My first talk is this morning at 10:00 AM (“CSI Phenomenon”).  I am always anxious about the first talk since I don’t know what type of audience it will be.  I got there about a half hour early and a single person was reading a book in the second row.  Could be interesting.

The people did start coming in about 9:50 AM and the place was full at start time (180-190 attendees). The background music was still playing and the mic was not at the right volume level – both taken care of by the Entertainment Staff member sent to introduce me.  This meant that I was starting five minutes late.  The presentation went well – about 80 percent CSI fans.  The talk ran until 10:55 AM and was followed by a presentation on the Environment and the Sea. 

Lunch was in the Aqua Spa Cafe – Freshly grilled salmon on a bun and a salad – no fries this time.  The best lunch option on the ship.

After lunch, we went to see Nancy Walker, the other speaker.  As it turned out, she is not really a speaker.  She and her cabin mate are improv comedians and they recruit audience members for the skits.  The first two skits were already done at least twice before on NCL cruises by Second City.  She is more entertainment than enrichment but the people who were there liked the show.

The rest of the day was spent reading in the Solarium.

   Kinling in Solarium (Small)

Kindling at the Solarium

Other folks were enjoying the Sun on Deck 12.

Nice day on the Pool Deck (Small)

A full contingent at the Pool Deck

Tonight is formal night.  We did not attend the Captain’s Toast this time round and we didn’t  go to see “Solstice – the Show”.

Instead, we read in any quiet venue we could find.  I finally finished Michael Connolly's “The Black Ice” – not a bad book.

We are in San Juan tomorrow afternoon.


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