Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012 – At Sea (off the Coast of Cuba) – Sunny – 80F

Another beautiful day at sea – the captain, after rerouting to create a sea day yesterday, is back on course heading for Ft. Lauderdale.

Sea Day 2-25 (Small)

I am scheduled for two sessions today.  An informal chat with passengers at 11:30 PM in the Passport Bar and my last presentation - “Mystery of the Romanovs” at 3:15 PM.

The chat session was attended by 20 – 30 people and went for just over 45 minutes (I cut it off at that time so that people could go to the Brunch in the Grand Epernay Dining Room).  A gamut of questions from Universal DNA Testing to Genetic Counseling.  The most interesting question: “How do you keep your weight down?” That was posed by my favorite passenger.  I like the chats – gives me a chance to speak to the passengers off the cuff and also gives me some ideas as what they are interested in (maybe future topics).  I think it went well.

Chat with Passengers (Small) 

Chat Session with Passengers

We met Melinda and Victor for brunch – omelet, bagels lox and cream cheese, and some dessert items.  We were the last people to leave the Dining Room – they were cleaning the place and we were still chatting.

I was hoping that Stewart would announce the correct title of today’s session at his Noon bulletin but he didn’t.  I did have a good crowd at the presentation (about 160 – 170) but I am sure that some people thought that I was repeating the Columbus talk and didn’t attend.  Others came expecting the Columbus talk (missed it the first time around) and left when they found out it was about the Romanovs,  Historically speaking, it was a disappointing attendance for a final presentation.  Those who were there did enjoy the session and I got great feedback.  A number of Russian individuals shared some additional background information concerning the location of the Romanov graves in Yekaterinburg.  And two passengers debated the motivation behind Columbus’s voyages to the New World.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Solarium.  I made a little progress on “Black Ice” and just tried to relax.

I had the worst dinner of the two cruises so far – some mutated version of stir fry – I am not sure the cook put it together correctly since I have had the same dish previously and it was very good.  I am not giving up on stir fry.  We also met up with Melinda and Victor in the Cafe.  This gave us a chance for a photo op with Melinda (taken by professional photographer Victor)

 Melinda and Us (Small) Melinda and Us 1 (Small)

We caught most of the Farewell Show (more magic by Adam Trent including the tiresome “yellow bandana” trick as well as the “Thread of Life”.  Magicians are all doing the same tricks these days/

The outside decks were very warm and I caught this great picture of the moon and nearby planet from Deck 5.

Moon and Planet (Small)

Our stateroom attendant will move our clothes and suitcases to 3521 tomorrow so we don’t have to really pack.

Relaxed in our room the rest of the night.

We’ll see how it all shakes out tomorrow.

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