Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday and Friday, October 14 and 15, 2010 – At Sea (Mediterranean) – 70s – Mostly Sunny

Our first of two sea days – no wake up calls –just rest.

Sea Day 10-14 (Small)

At Sea – October 14, 2010 

My talk today, DNA Testing: Solving History’s Mysteries, is at 3:45 PM in Celebrity Central.  Another good crowd (200 plus).

The entertainer tonight is Paul Baker, veteran of West End Musical Theater.  His show is great with many of my favorite tunes sung terrifically by Paul.  The best entertainer (maybe a tie with Karen Grainger) yet on a cruise ship.

 Sea Day 10-15 (Small)

At Sea – October 15, 2010

The weather outside is a little stormy but that’s OK because when the brief rainstorm ends, a beautiful full rainbow appears.  It was too big for a single picture but I did shoot both ends.  The pot of gold is underwater.

Sea Day 10-15  Stormy (Small)

Raiinbow Right  End (Small)  Rainbow Left 10-15 (Small) 

My final talk (DNA Testing: Cold Cases Solved) is scheduled for 11:45 AM in the Equinox Theater. 

Pays to advertise (Small)

It’s a little close to lunch but the crowd tops 250 (they wouldn’t have fit into Celebrity Central).  I get a good final round of applause.  Successful series.

We are in Messina, Sicily (Italy) tomorrow.

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