Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 2, 2010 – London, England -

We slept pretty well – the airport noise was not an issue.

The Breakfast buffet was also very good: Waffles, eggs made to order, breads, pastries.  No unidentifiable British items on the buffet.

We caught the Hoppa Bus to Terminal 5 and checked in.  The agent assured us that our bags would get on our plane.  We arrived at Gate B48 to find our 777 waiting for us.

BA295 Ready to go (Small)

BA295 (777) ready to go

We had a little time before boarding so we found an internet kiosk and for a 3.0 pounds we purchased a half hour of connect time.  We checked e-mails and wrote the kids again.  They indicated they would pick us up so they got yesterday’s text message.

While we were on the computer, we heard “Last Call for BA295” – they must have called our flight earlier but we did not hear it.  We signed off quickly and made our way to the gate and onto the plane.  The BA 777s are configured differently that the AA 777s – they have two coach sections – 2–5–2 and 3–3-3.  We were supposed to be across the aisles in the second coach section but would up with aisle seats in the center.  A passenger traded seats with us and we sat next to each other.  The good thing was that we were in the bulkhead seats with the only leg room on the plane in coach.

The plane took off about a half hour late but the pilot said he would be able to make up the time – besides we had an unusual tail wind of about 20 mph (going west, planes usually face a head wind). 

I was disappointed that, because of the seat assignments, I couldn’t take any pictures on this flight (or the other BA flight).

We had a very smooth flight – the seat belt sign was off the entire flight.  The service was good – we had a great vegetarian pasta for lunch along with miniature cokes (4 oz – the attendant gave us each three of them).

We landed on time, went through immigration quickly, found our luggage, and got picked up without a problem.

A little crazy with the return flights but a great – although somewhat exhausting – trip overall.

BA295 11:41

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