Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010 – Haifa – 84F - Clear

Another beautiful day in Haifa.  More souvenir hunting today and a search for an Internet Store.  This time we head left off the pier and walk down the main street.  On our walk, we come across an interesting structure called the “Big Mosque”.  Doesn’t look that big but there must be something about it that gave rise to that designation.

 Haifa the Big Mosque (Small)

The Big Mosque

We also get a close up look at the unique building we have been looking at from the ship – the Yehav Bank Building (there is a building just like this one in Montevideo, Uruguay and a much larger version in Dubai).

Haifa Bank Yehav Building (Small)

Yehav Bank Building

A few more blocks and we find some souvenir stores and a Judaica Store.  Several passengers are in the store.  The owners speak very little English so Ellen’s Hebrew pays off.

We also ask around for Wi-Fi and one store we walk into to inquire says that have free Wi-Fi.  They do (even though it isn’t theirs but belongs to someone named Fadi) so we catch up on our communications.  Thanks, Fadi.  The owners of the place are very friendly and don’t bother us at all.  Nice folks.

Only a half day in Haifa so we are able to catch a terrific sail away complete with Israeli submarine.  You don’t see that every day.

 Haifa Sailway 1 (Small)

Haifa Sailaway 2 (Small)

Haifa Sail Away

Haifa Israeli Sub (Small) 

Israeli Submarine on Maneuvers

I have a talk today after the departure - “Secrets of the Royal Families” at 3:15 PM in Celebrity Central.  I have a great turnout – maybe 250 plus attendees and my Tutankhamen slides come off OK.  Even better, I get finished on time.

After dinner, we take in the “Dancing with the Stars”- Equinox Style show in the Foyer.  The event is hosted by Esperanza.  The dancers were all trying real hard but the women dancing the Salsa was clearly a semi-pro.

 Esperanza and Dance Contest (Small)

Dancing with the Stars and Esperanza

Greg Scott is the Headliner tonight and, except for some technical difficulties with his microphone, he puts on another great show.  The shot below shows him accompanied by the Equinox Dancers.

Greg Scott and Dancers (Small)

Greg Scott and Dancers

We are at sea for the next two days – time to relax.

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