Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – 70s - Sunny

A beautiful day at sea.  I am up early enough to catch a glorious sunrise.

 Sea Day 10-23 (Small)

I am speaking this morning at 11:15 AM in the Equinox Theater - “Forensic DNA Fingerprinting: Landmark Cases”.  I changed the title to make the talk appeal to everyone not just to a British audience.  There is a good crowd in the theater - 250 plus – and the talk went well in its new incarnation.

Formal night tonight and we are determine to document this evening.  The M’D at the restaurant did a good job with this photo,

Formal Night 10-23 (Small)

We are skipping the show tonight and just catching the acts around the ship.  We especially light Pegannini (a pianist) and the Callia String Quartet (from Argentina).  Light and relaxing.

Big day tomorrow in Alexandria, Egypt.

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