Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday - Saturday, October 29 -30, 2010 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – 50s – Cloudy – Windy - Clear

October 29, 2010

On our way back to Civitavecchia, Italy.  The ship is hugging the coastline to smooth out the ride.

At Sea 10-29 Chop (Small)

At Sea 10-29 (Small)

My talk today - “DNA Testing:  Solving History’s Mysteries”- is at 11:15AM in Equinox Theater.  The turnout is very good with over 270 attendees.  There are usually a few folks for whom this is their first presentation.

After the talk, it is R and R up in the Sky Lounge, which is our new quiet location.  The outside decks are not a possibility due to the windy conditions.  You can feel the chop up on Deck 14 but it is still better than the winds.

E in Sky Lounge (Small)

Ellen comfy in the Sky Lounge

Crete in the distance (Small)

The Island of Crete in the Distance

Tonight’s show is “Remix”.  We left a little early and caught some of the music around the ship – Peganini and the Callia String Quartet.

October 30, 2010

Warmer today.  The decks are less windy.

At Sea 10-30 (Small) E at Sea 10-30 (Small)

Ellen and the Coast of Italy

Coast of Italy (Small) Coast of Italy Village (Small)

Top:  Coast of Italy; Bottom: Village on the Coast

My talk today - “Cold Cases Solved” is at 3:00 PM in Celebrity Central.  I get there a bit early at 2:20 PM and about five minutes later about 20 people show up.  They say they want to make sure they get good seats.  At about 2:45 PM, the place is packed and at 3:00 PM, the place is overflowing and people are sitting on the ground.  I start the talk and, as more people continue to pour in, we are told that  we are moving to the Theater.

I quickly grab my computer and power cord and follow the crowd into the Theater.  I get set up quickly; the technical people in the theater tell me that I will need to be done by 4:00 PM so the dancers can complete their rehearsals.  I said that I lost time transferring to the theater but they reiterate the need to finish and I understand.  I get to it and the talk is completed right on time (actually two minutes to spare).  A great round of applause and a few people stand to show their appreciation.  I get everyone with questions to follow me outside so the rehearsals can begin.

Final Lecture (Small)

The final presentation of the Cruise

While I am in my presentation, Ellen takes a great shot of the Volcanic Island of Stromboli.

Stromboli Volcano (Small)

Stromboli Volcano

Ellen does her usual great job of packing.  We catch the Farewell show.  Suitcases in the hall by 11:00 PM.

We have late disembarkation (9:45 PM).

A good night sleep would be good.

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