Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010 – Alexandria, Egypt – 78F - Sunny

No tours available today so we are going to venture out into Alexandria – at least to the port area.  The goal is to find an inexpensive Internet Store.

The traffic circle just outside the port gate (below) was choked with cars.  All sorts of people wanted to help us cross the street (presumably for a charge) but we did manage to cross the street safely.

Alexandria Port Gate (Small)

Port of Alexandria Gate

We did find an Internet place that only charged $1 per hour so were able to do just about everything we needed to do on-line.  The place was actually a bit better than some of the places we have found in the Caribbean and in Rome.

Alexandria E and shop (Small)

Shop near the Internet Store

All done and we headed back to the ship.  There was a great mosque across the street worth taking a picture of.

Alexandria H and Port Mosque (Small)  

Stopped by the vendor stands inside the port to check out the chatchkes and then back to the ship to relax.

Tonight’s Show:  Variety Night Paul Baker (pretty much the same show he did last cruise) and Brooks Aehron.  Brooks did a cool number playing the piano and a vintage typewriter at the same time.  Couldn’t pass up a picture like that.

Brooks Aehron Piano Typewrite (Small)

Big day tomorrow in Ashdod, Israel.

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