Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Triple Caribbean Cruise – December 16 – 29, 2010 – Celebrity Century

Travel Day

Bitter cold in Chicago (low 2F – high 20F) so we are going to Miami for a triple Caribbean cruise (4 – 4 – 5 days) aboard the Celebrity Century.  Our taxi is right on time and – safety first – wouldn’t leave until we had our seat belts on.  A first.

Weather is good today and our aircraft is here for an on-time departure.

Boeing 757 ready to go (Small)

This plane has a special paint job supporting the Susan Komen Foundation.

On time departure, a relatively smooth flight, and an early arrival.  The temperature in Miami is in the mid 50s so no complaining there.  Our shuttle is there to take us the La Quinta Airport East and now we are in our comfortable room. 

We are apparently the only two people taking the shuttle to the cruise port tomorrow.  The last time we were here there were several shuttles going to the port – there is only one tomorrow.

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