Friday, December 3, 2021

November 18, 2021 – Caribbean Sea – Enroute to Ft Lauderdale – Mostly Cloudy/Showers mid 70s

My remaining two presentations are scheduled at 9:15 AM in the Club.  I was up early and in the Oceanview Cafe when it opened.  It's an ugly day out there so the view is not great.  Another wonderful breakfast - I guess I have simple tastes.

Today’s presentation was “Forensics and History: The Lost Dauphin of France”.  Yesterday, I modified this talk to consolidate some slides to shorten its running time.  The changes worked and the talk finished right on the nose at 45 minutes (the OJ Moment piece worked very well with the crowd as I got lots of positive feedback following the session).

After the talk, we went to the Rooftop Garden to watch (or finish) “Black Widow”.  We didn’t quite get through the movie but while up there I scheduled the two of us for departing COVID antigen tests.  First of all, I wanted to make sure that whatever bug I had was not COVID and secondly, we both have doctor’s visits scheduled when we get back and they always ask whether you have been out of the country.  We would have to say yes but then we would show our test results.

I had my last veggie burger of this cruise – for future reference, I will get my veggie burgers in the restaurants not on the grill shared by who knows what.  It was OK, though and we ate lunch on the back deck of the Oceanview Café (until it got too windy).

We spent the afternoon in the Solarium, where we kept opening the window for fresh air and staff kept closing it.  I went through my final talk to make sure it was going to fit in the allotted time. 

We are in the Normandie Restaurant for the final time this cruise and we are here primarily for the crispy fried mushrooms.  We got them but they were two tiny mushrooms compared to the four huge ones we got before (maybe that was for lunch).  I actually got spaghetti marinara off the veggie menu and that was pretty good – big chunks of tomato and a sauce that wasn’t too sweet.  We shared an apple pie a la mode and a chocolate covered cheesecake to wrap up our culinary experience in the Apex’s Restaurants. The food has been very good overall.

Tonight’s headliner was the Las Vegas based group “Divas 3”.  

Three immaculately dressed diva like women (from California, Kentucky, and Nebraska), who put on the best vocal show of our cruising career.  

With perfect voices and harmonies, they did songs from the 60s (“My Boyfriend’s Back”) 

"Be My Little Baby"

through the 90’s - “Midnight Train to Georgia”, 

"It's In His Kiss",

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” (no pic but a personal favorite), 

"You've Got a Friend", 

"The Wind Beneath My Wings",

"I Will Always Love You"

and beyond (“My Heart Will Go On”).

They had stage presence, terrific choreography, and knew exactly what they were doing up there. I could have sworn we had seen them before, but a check of the logs said that this was the first time we had encountered them.  I was so impressed that I put a comment on their Facebook Page, which they answered.  I am also sure that there are several “Divas 3” ensembles circulating worldwide but the one we got tonight was perfect.

Back to the room for the night.  On the way, we did get to see the Chandelier do its thing.

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