Thursday, December 2, 2021

November 16, 2021 – At Anchor of Belize – Mostly Cloudy – High 70s.

Somewhat fitful night – ship was rocking and I could hear noises from the Café through my earplugs.  Did get some sleep, though.

The ship is running tender operations to Belize City and by 10:00 AM, the tenders were wide open to all passengers.  We are staying on board as we are continuing our “no port” COVID protocol. 

We did something very unusual this morning – we went to breakfast together at 7:30 AM.  We went to the Cosmopolitan, the only restaurant that serves breakfast.  I asked Olga the hostess if she worked 24 hours a day and she said she did.

We both started off with oatmeal (Ellen had Apple Cider Oatmeal) and I had my usual brown sugar and raisins.  That was followed up by pancakes (two plain for me and an apple pancake for Ellen).  We both had two fried eggs.  The breakfasts were good and the service fast enough.  I still like the buffet better even though it is louder (the screaming lady is very quiet in the restaurant).  Still, it was nice to be served and the food was good.

We stopped by Guest Services to tell them that we did not get a final bill for Cruise 1 and that I had some question about the accuracy of the drink prices I was paying. The agent said she would send over that final bill and correct the drink bills. 

I’m in the Aqua Spa Café drinking coffee, writing this log, and shortening the “Titanic Child” Lecture.

Lunch was in the Aqua Spa Café – again I brought a salad from the buffet and Ellen had her usual tuna.  It was also focaccia day in the Oceanview Café – at least six different kinds of focaccia – tried them all but the best ones were the simple ones.  One quirk about the Aqua Spa Café is that it doesn’t have iced tea – only lemonade and guava passion fruit cocktail.  I guess tea is too “stimulating” for this venue.

We got some good seats again in the Solarium and the open window provided some fresh air so we stayed there as long as we could.  We headed to the room to get away from people and noise.  We also decided not to try and do walk in at one of the restaurants.  Why dress up if we weren’t planning to go the show (“Tree of Life”). 

Dinner in the Oceanview Café tonight consisted of spaghetti alfredo with tomatoes and onions for me (not as good as usual – a new cook) and a slice of pizza.  Finished off with some watermelon.  Ellen had butternut squash soup and some of the fish on their grille. 

We tried to sit out on the back deck to watch the sail away


but it started to rain so we went inside.  We went down to the Grand Plaza to see the famed “Chandelier Show”.  For about a minute and half the huge chandelier lights up with different colors to the beat of pre-recorded music.  I thought it would be a bit grander and maybe it is on other occasions. 


That ended the evening (we waited over an hour for the Chandelier Show because we got good seats).

Seas are smooth.

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