Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 – Cruising the Mississippi River – Sunny – mid 60sF

Formal Night – Black Tie Optional

This was our first overnight stay in a departure port.

Crystal Serenity departed New Orleans at 8 AM and away from the Crescent City Bridge and into the Mississippi River.  This is our first daylight cruise on the Mississippi and it is very exciting.



New Orleans Sail Away

Had my first breakfast on board – they have all of the components of my standard breakfast – oatmeal with brown sugar, waffles, cottage cheese, whipped cream, assorted preserves, and good decaf coffee.  On this occasion, Ellen and I actually had breakfast together (usually only happens on disembarkation).  The Lido Café is very nice for breakfast – a view from nearly every table and the service is good. 



Breakfast Together

Later in the morning, I went to the Bistro to try their iced mocha latte.  Not bad (thought the glass was kind of small for an iced drink).



Iced Mocha Latte Time

I checked out one of the other lecturers on board (Ken Walsh talked about the Presidential Election and DJT) since I had never seen him before.  No new information there. I also wanted to get a feel for the audiences.  I did notice that people come in late and the applause is kind of so so. 

We had lunch in the Lido Café and Trident Grill.  The café has a very nice salad bar with a great Ranch Dressing.  Again, the gazpacho from the Grill is perfect. 

We are still cruising the Mississippi.


We both went to Barbara Udell’s wellness lecture in the afternoon in the Hollywood Theater.  No new information there but she is amusing.

The transit of the Mississippi River takes about six hours so we went up to the Palm Court (Deck 12 Forward) to see the exit into the Gulf of Mexico. 




Exiting the Delta / Oil Rigs in the Gulf

When we got back to the room, I had a phone message from Valentina indicating that I would in the Hollywood Theater tomorrow afternoon at 5 PM.  There was something else scheduled at that time – things change.

It was so pleasant outside, we decided to walk the deck and log some steps.  We completed about three laps (just short of a mile).


Deck 7 Aft

The golf practice area (very nice) is on Deck 7 aft and I couldn’t resist trying to hit some balls and do some putting.



Our walk took us unto the sunset, which was our first on this trip.


Sunset in the Gulf of Mexico

The night before we inquired about kosher food on board and they do indeed have that option available – we were told that the kosher stuff is kept separate from all the other food and is prepared in a dedicated area.  That being said, we ordered two rib eye steaks for tonight’s dinner.  The steaks were a bit over done but they came with gravy and were very good.  For tomorrow, I ordered a hamburger (yes, they have those too). 

We attended Showtime which was the first Production Show.  “Curtain Call” includes music from Broadway and the West End – we have seen this show on the Symphony but they did it a bit differently here.  There are two lead vocalists – Sarah Combs and Tom Lowe.  There are also nine dancers who deliver the track.  The sound is big and there is also the Crystal Orchestra in the pit.  The show was very good – the choice of plays and numbers was just right.  We are not in the best of seats so I was unable to take any photos.

Our room is quiet and vibration free.

Clocks move forward tonight.

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