Sunday, February 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea - Warm – 70s

A beautiful day in the Caribbean Sea.


The white dots in the photo below are actually sea gulls.

IMG_20161213_seagulls_thumb IMG_20161213_atsea_thumb

After having my standard breakfast (it will never grow old), the rest of the day is a little hazy.  I can only assume that we spent it reading.  I think this time, we found a nice couch on Deck 10, complete with a nice breeze.  I did finish “Dead Scared” and was a little disappointed that the bad folks did not wind up getting theirs on the actual pages of the book (a la Jack Reacher).  I started “Devil in the White City” because everyone I meet on the ships tells me I should read it.  The first few pages are intriguing and I like the way it is written.

Asian noodles and Margherita pizza in Tastes for lunch (along, of course, with a salad from the Lido).

For dinner, we ordered off the menu in the Crystal Dining room.  I had spicy Capellini, which was very good.  Ellen had salmon off the modern menu – unique set up but she liked it.  We were able to order a rare dessert in the Dining room.  

The Showtime headliner tonight was Amy Lee (violinist from Indiana) – we stayed for part of it.

Back to the room – we are really liking the verandah for reading and just watching the ocean go by.

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