Sunday, February 5, 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mostly Sunny – 70s

Our final sea day is a beautiful one.  Still warm enough to spend on the deck or balcony.


My second and final presentation, “Forensics and History:  Mystery of the Romanovs”, is scheduled for 1:30 PM in the Hollywood Theater.  I do like the way they advertise the talks on their digital marquee. 


It’s been over a week since my first talk so I haven’t had any chance to build momentum.  I got to the theater early to set up (very quick since I only have to bring along a jump drive).  I couldn’t pass up getting a picture with the King of Skull Island, King Kong.


Not a lot of folks arrived early.  I greeted the guests as they came in.  Many did not know about the first talk so this is their first chance to hear me.  CD Rick stopped by to give me a brief introduction.  The talk went well and the attendance was around a 100 people (about half full – 200 seat capacity).  No Q and A session this time around. 


“Mystery of the Romanovs”

A lazy day of reading and relaxing.  We are pretty much packed.

The last day at sea provided a wonderful sunset.


We did not order special meals for dinner tonight – we figured we had enjoyed ourselves maybe just a little too much on this cruise (although the food was terrific).  Instead we had Salmon, Pasta w tomatoes and mushrooms, and sir fried veggie with crisp tofu.  It was all great.  We thanked all of our Maitre D’s for the fine service we had on the ship.

Entertainment for the final night was Variety Showtime featuring the Dance Team, Cast, Amy Lee, and John Joseph.  It was a very nice show.

Back to the room to rest on the verandah.

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