Sunday, February 5, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Sunny – 72s

A smooth night at sea – only a slight creak in the room.

A perfect day at sea…a little warmer.

IMG_20170112_at sea deck 15 aftIMG_20170112_At Sea

Breakfast, as always, was in the Horizon Court – I love eating up there but I generally don’t stay and nurse my decaf coffee (the background music is too frenetic for mornings).

The couches up on Deck 15 are very popular so we headed up and found a couple of seats right after breakfast.  These would be our spots for today for reading and chilling.

I was able to replicate the “iconic” photo from a previous Grand Princess cruise – this time without the orange pylon. 

IMG_20170112_et w peach cobbler


We left our coveted couches to have lunch in the Horizon Court.  Lunch – salad from Horizon Court and pizza from Piero’s Pizza on Deck 14.  Ellen likes the pizza up there as long as it’s right out of the oven (really good).

I finished “Devil in the White City” – a good book but I was hoping for a more dramatic capture of the bad guy.  Started a new book – didn’t like it and am now trial reading “Fatal” by Arno Joubert - an “Alexa” Novel.  Supposed to be a female Jack Reacher (doesn’t seem possible).

After spending the whole afternoon on Deck 15, it seemed like a good idea to get in some exercise – we did some laps around Deck 7.  It was a little chilly and windy but still nice to see the ocean and sunny skies.

IMG_20170112_walking the deck

Walking the Deck

We had dinner tonight in the Michelangelo Dining Room.  We were a little skeptical about the fish on the menu – Pako-Coated Baramundi – but it turned out to be delicious.  I also included a Cesar Salad and we shared an order of Ricotta Ravioli in cream sauce.  The dinner was very tasty.

After dinner, we attended the Production Show – “Stardust”.  We have seen this show, which features classic tunes from the fifties - several times and like it every time.  This show never seems to get old.   There are six vocalists in this show but we found out later that only four are singing and the others are lip-synching the track.  They do it so well that we don’t care.

IMG_20170112_Stardust 1IMG_20170112_Stardust 2IMG_20170112_Stardust 3IMG_20170112_Stardust 4IMG_20170112_Stardust mambo italiano

IMG_20170112_StardustIMG_20170112_Stardust Finale


A very relaxing day at sea. 

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