Sunday, February 5, 2017

Saturday, December 10, 2016 – Ocho Rios, Jamaica – Cloudy, Warm, 79F

Distance from George Town, Grand Cayman to Ocho Rios. Jamaica: 256 Nautical Miles

Not as warm today in Ocho Rios.

This is the third time I’ve been here (the last two being on family cruises).  We are planning to walk around the town for the first time.


Ocho Rios from Serenity

Had a nice breakfast again today – skipped the oatmeal – half a grapefruit and a little portion of scrambled eggs along with the waffle etc. 

After breakfast, we took the short walk from the pier to the town.


The Pier walk and Ocho Rios

The first stop you encounter once you go through the gates is a shopping center with a wide variety of shops.  The stores themselves do not appear to be in great condition when judged by US standards.  There were familiar stores in the area (we did not venture too far) such as a Burger King but the neighborhood itself was not nearly as well developed as other Caribbean or Mexican ports.  

Back to the ship for lunch.  Walking back, I got a great shot of the Serenity docked.


Lunch involved the usual combination – Salad from Lido Café – scoop of tuna salad from Trident Grill, Gazpacho from Trident.  Biggest “problem” – Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (Coffee Buzz).  It was all good.

We walked a bit on Deck 7 during the sail away.  The sunset was so dramatic that it is one of my phone home screens.



Ocho Rios Sail Away and Sunset

We had reservations in Tastes for 6:30PM tonight.  For dinner, Tastes turns into a tapas restaurant with its dishes patterned after the acclaimed Sapphires Restaurant in Laguna Beach.  We wound us having dinner with the arts and crafts couple (Laurie and husband).  While the menu has all sorts of interesting items, there are only about five veggie items.  When the meal was done, it was clear that Tastes for dinner was not really for us (although I really liked the eggplant humus dish).

We caught Tim Molyneux in the Stardust Club.  Tim is a musician singer.  He had a little trouble connecting with the audience.

The seas are a little choppy – due to a oncoming current (according to the Captain).  The shudders are pretty strong and unpredictable.

Clocks move one hour forward tonight.

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