Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday, December 11, 2016 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – warm 80s

The Captain was right – the chop was bad and the sleep intermittent.

IMG_20161211_rockyseas_thumb IMG_20161211_choppyseas_thumb

Check out the chop and wind

A smaller contingent at breakfast – thank you, rough seas.  The standard breakfast is not yet mundane.  One reason, the waffles are never soggy.

A lazy day at sea (and choppy throughout the day).  Most of the non-eating time was spent either on the pool deck (there is a good breeze today) or on the verandah.  Still making my way through “Dead Scared”.  Have some idea what’s going on but Sharon Bolton has a habit of confusing me with her characters.

We had our standard lunch on Deck 12 – as long as the salad bar has garbanzo beans, I’m there.  The pizza from Tastes is also a very good choice.

Dinner tonight include a veal chop (ET) and one amazing hot dog for me (no Dijon mustard this time – changes the taste of the hot dog).  Our streak with good kosher meals continues.  We also found out that a group of eight people order kosher meals at the second seating.  That’s fine as long as they stay away from my hot dogs.

I am excited tonight because Comedian Steve Stevens is the headliner at Showtime.  We saw him on Symphony and I recall that he was a hoot.  He is once again very funny (although I felt the audience didn’t quite get into the humor mood).  No matter, I thought he was excellent.

The chop continues…

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