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Friday, December 9, 2016 – George Town, Grand Cayman – hot – 87F

Distance from New Orleans, LA to George Town, Grand Cayman: 754 Nautical Miles

A hot day in Grand Cayman…



Approaching Grand Cayman Island



Quality Time on the Verandah

Standard breakfasts today.

No tours today.

Even though it’s a warm day in George Town, we are planning to walk around the city and see what was new since we were here last.

We are tendering in to George Town.  There are no tender tickets on Serenity so when we were set to go, we headed down to the tender pontoon.  The tenders run constantly.  As we tendered in (not a long ride), I saw that the Silver Wind is also here today.  The Silver Wind is much smaller than Serenity – I only counted seven decks.

We walked both up and down the main street of George Town – I only remembered a few of the stores (e.g. the Rum Cake shop).  From the beachfront road, I was able to get great pictures of both the Silver Wind and Serenity.  I even got into a picture with the two luxury cruise ships.





Silver Wind (L) and Serenity

On our walk we found a number of colorfully painted metallic lizards around town so I thought I would hop a ride on three of them.




We looked for a spa but the only one we found was Grand Cayman pricey.  While taking a break we met one of the spa employees, who told us that we would be able to find more spas in Ocho Rios (she was from Ocho Rios and commuted to Grand Cayman).

I was also on a search for a cap and quickly realized that today’s island wide price for a cap was $12.  As we made our way throughout the open malls of the town, I came across a kiosk selling medical sundries (Tylenol, sunscreen, etc).  They also had caps but these – identical to the ones in stores, were priced at $10.50 – sold. 

FYI - Subway tuna was $9.00 for a “foot long” ($4.75  6 in).  The best deal here was the “sub of the day”, which was priced at $3.50 (same as in the US).

The heat convinced us to return to the ship for lunch.

We had lunch in Tastes (deck 12 next to Trident Grill).  There is no Tastes on the Symphony (just more seating).  We ordered Asian Noodles (without chicken), veggie pot stickers, Margherita pizza, and a mojito.  Good food.

We spent the afternoon in the cool air of the Palm Court (reading and vegging).  When the ship is not moving there is little breeze on the pool deck.

Kosher Meals in the Crystal Dining Room again tonight.  They actually had hot dogs – two huge brats/Polish sausages, which were absolutely great and I ate both – will not do that next time – too much food.  ET had a duck.

Showtime tonight was the production show - “Across the Pond” – it featured the music of the British Invasion of the 1960s.  It was a good show with recognizable songs and entertaining dance sequences.

IMG_20161209_AcrossthePond_thumb IMG_20161209_AcrossthePondfinale_thu


Across the Pond

The brats are still digesting but we headed back to the room and the verandah…

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