Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 68F

The first nice day at sea…

 20140501_at sea (Small)

Still a bit of rock and roll overnight – still wakes me up but I’m coping.

Breakfast in the Horizon Court – almost like home – oatmeal, strawberry pancake with cottage cheese, sour cream, orange marmalade and strawberry preserves.  Very good – sat in the Conservatory area, where it is quiet so I could relax and read.

After breakfast, I went up to Deck 15 Aft (inside – still chilly outside) to go over my presentation for today.  I made a few changes to improve the flow of the material.

About midmorning, the weather had improved to the point where we could sit on the couches outside.  I got ready for my talk and we had lunch in the Horizon Court – salad and eggplant parmesan.  Pretty good.

My second presentation - “Landmark Cases” – is scheduled for 12:45 PM in the Princess Theater.  Today’s attendance was up about 100 percent (from 60 to near 120).  Hopefully, this is a trend – there is still no highlighting in the Patter so people are not seeing the talk.  There is no mini-description either (like on the other shaded events) so passengers are not clear of the content.  Nevertheless, the talk went well.

Up to the couches on Deck 15 to read and hopefully to catch a brief nap (no success).  We again cancelled our dining room reservation upon re-reading the menu.  I am about half way through “Dust to Dust” and still liking it.  At this point, I am vested.

At 5:30 PM, we went to Alfredo’s Pizzeria and both ordered custom pizzas.  I am pretty sure the restaurant has changed its ingredients (especially the tomato sauce) since these pizzas are different than the one’s I had almost every night back in October 2013.  Still pretty good just not delicioso.  I had the Orzo salad from the nearby International Cafe and that was very good.

Entertainment Circuit.  First stop – Princess Theater to hear violinist, Chris Watkins.  We have seen Chris and his Swarovski-laden fiddle before.  He is the first violinist to perform sleeveless – an interesting contrast when he does classical numbers.  At least, there are no tats.

We left five minutes early so we could run to the Vista Lounge to hear Kevin Jordan do his first full show.  The show was funny but it seemed like the whole hour was adlibbed.  Kevin said he was in the middle of a sciatica attack and he looked a bit stiff up there. 

We spent 15 minutes with Retrospective in the Explorer’s Lounge – the lead singer did the best rendition of “A Wonderful World” I’ve heard in a long time – perfect pitch.

Finished our tour with Brad Stevens in the Crooners Lounge – it was mostly Rock and Roll night but we stayed there until it was time to go the room.

20140501_Brad Stevens (Small)

Brad Stevens

The seas are smooth tonight – hoping for some sleep.

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