Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 70F

An awful night – bumpy and noisy…little if any sleep and to top it off, I have been scheduled for 10:00 AM this morning.

The ship must be moving directly into oncoming waves - (What is the opposite of a “following sea”?)

I am incredibly tired but I manage to deliver the “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” 10:00 AM.  The presentation, which is a pretty long one finished in 45 minutes.  I got some great feedback from the audience which on this day (in spite of the time change) numbered about 200 attendees.

We had lunch with Bridge Instructors Miriam (Mimi) and Gerald David at the Pub Lunch (the second of the cruise so far).  This was a yummy lunch on the October 2013 cruise but today the fish and batter coating were not as good.  We did, however, have a really nice conversation with Mimi and Gerald and exchanged some info and contact information.

We had the whole day ahead of us and I’m pretty sure an on-deck nap was involved.

With all of this free time I finished “Silent Girl” by Tess Gerritsen.  The author is half Chinese and this novel is the first of hers to incorporate some of the stories her mother told her as a child.  I really liked the book (this after having given up on a previous one of her books).

Tonight is the Captain’s Farewell Party (BTW – I haven’t seen or heard the Captain once this cruise).  This involved free Rum Punch drinks and colorful (green and red) other drinks.  The entertainment was provided by Retrospect in the Piazza. 

20140510_Retrospect (Small)


A balloon drop was scheduled for 10:30 PM, so I doubt we will see it – we had to satisfied to kick around a few balloons that escaped during the band’s set.

20140510_balloon drop (Small)

We passed on both shows tonight - Kellie Karl – Hypnotist (I generally don’t like hypnotists – personal preference) and the production show, “British Invasion”, which we have seen before.

Seas are smooth, sort of…

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