Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 72F

A nice day at sea…a little breezy to spend too much time outside.

 20140509_at sea 1 (Small) 20140509_at sea (Small)

Not so many whitecaps

Lunch today was in the International Cafe – Tuna Sandwiches (very good) and Greek salad (always good).  We also ran into the very nice Bridge Couple – Miriam and Gerald.  We agreed to meet for lunch tomorrow at 11:30 AM.

The “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” was at 12:45 PM and the crowd was good – north of 150 attendees.

Because is was too chilly outside, we found a nice warm spot in the Piazza to spend our time.  I am just about finished with “The Silent Girl” – a fascinating story about forensics, Chinese folk legends, and supernatural creatures bent on revenging old injustices.  What a combination. 

At 4:30 PM, Princess dispatches its “Cookies and Milk” squad (I thought the cruise line might have discontinued this due to budget constraints).  It is still a cute break in the afternoon and a perfect way to ruin your dinner.

20140509_cookies & milk time (Small)

The Cookies and Milk Girls

Based on our wonderful experience in the Dining Room last night, we are back in the Michelangelo tonight to try the Orange Roughy.  Unfortunately, it was not my kind of fish so I had the waiter bring me the Fettuccini Alfredo (always good).

Showtime tonight showcased David Austen in the Vista Lounge.

20140509_ David Austen 1 (Small) 20140509_David Austen (Small)

David is one of the Princess Singers but tonight he paying tribute to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra.  He has a great voice, stage presence, and put on a wonderful show. 

We elected not to see “Jesse and Colleen Kazemek’s Tribute to the Beatles” in the Princess Theater – too many Beatles tributes this cruise (we also caught a few minutes of Jesse’s performance the other night and decided to pass).

The ship is starting to get bumpy – up in our room, the motion is scary and each wave slap resonates through the hull and walls and emerges as a “boom”.  Sounds like a T-Rex walking around (yes, the water in our glasses ripples).  Don’t know to sleep through this – we will see…maybe it will abate later on.

Oh, yes another time change…

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