Thursday, May 15, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – California Coast – Mostly Sunny - 64F

A sunny but chilly day off the coast of California…

20140512_north to sf (Small)

20140512_san luis obispo coast (Small)

San Luis Obispo in the Distance

I had breakfast in the Horizon Court – pancakes and a fried egg – the real treat comes at the “Follow Up Breakfast” at the International Cafe.  Generally, I work on the day’s talk at the IC at which time I grab one (or more) of their delicious donuts (arguably, the best items on the ship).  This ruins lunch but it is worth it.  The other day I was going through this process along with a cup of coffee from the buffet.  One of the coffee girls asked me if I wanted some more coffee – I confessed I was drinking the cheap stuff from upstairs – she said “who’s going to know” and poured me some liquid gold.

Lunch was an odd process today – nothing in the buffet so I am ordering a pizza at Alfredo’s.  Ellen is bringing something down from the buffet.  Today’s pizza is the best of the cruise and I barely have time to eat any of it (they finally got the concept of “extra sauce”).

 20140512_view from alfredos lunch (Small)

View from Alfredo’s Pizzeria

My final talk is at 12:45 PM and even on the final day, I can’t get a battlefield promotion to a “Princess Pick”. 


I do like the “Harold Michael Tinberg” thing – sounds more formal. Passengers still call me Dr. Hal.

Actually, I didn’t need the bump because the attendance was the best yet – well over 200 people.  I think that this is the max audience I can get on this ship –just not a super forensic base.  What made it all worthwhile were the great comments and the very nice applause at the end of this talk.

20140512_ final talk 3 (Small) 20140512_ final talk 1 (Small) 20140512_095412 (Small)

The Final Presentation

We had dinner with Mimi and Gerald in the Michelangelo Dining room 6:00 PM.  I had a Caesar Salad, grilled veggie salad – macadamia nut hummus and veggies, and a South African whitefish called Kingclip.  It wasn’t bad but I called for backup by ordering a side of Fettuccini Alfredo.

We spent about two hours at dinner which probably set a record for dinner during a cruise.

There were no shows tonight so we went to the room early to finish packing and chill out.  That was nice.

The bags are outside the door and in front of the door.

Seas are smooth and boom-less.

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