Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Ensenada, Mexico – Partly Cloudy – 66F

The Patter says that we are experiencing “moderate waves” (NOT)

20140511_at sea (Small) 20140511_at sea 1 (Small)

Looks Peaceful Now but…

Last night was the worst night we have ever experienced cruising – the “booms” or wave slaps were and are coming in at a rate of one every 30 – 60 seconds.  That gives us an overnight total of 400 to 500 booms last night with each one sounding like the T-Rex footfalls in Jurassic Park.  The booms are supplemented by an occasional multiple shake and ever present major shimmy.  I’m sure it is worse up here on 12 Forward than 5 midship but we felt a lot of movement down there last night.  A rough ride…

Started a new book “Angel’s Flight” –  a Harry Bosch novel by Michael Connelly.

We arrive in Ensenada around 4 PM (hoping for earlier) so I am on this morning at 9:45 AM.

20140511_approaching ensenada (Small) 20140511_ensenada (Small)

Approaching Ensenada Mexico

Considering the hour and the rough ride, I am surprised anyone showed up.  Some people were there early.  The attendance did turn out to be very good at around 175 people.  The talk - “Life and Death of Pharaohs” went well based on feedback.

As soon as the ship was cleared, we hustled off the ship to look for the terrific spa we visited the last time we were here.  Instead, we found another spa - “Massage and Facial Care” on Lopez Mateos

20140511_main drag ensenada (Small)

Lopez Mateos – Main Drag

that was Trip Advisor recommended.  An hour massage ran $40 – the place was pretty high end and very tidy.  The girls all had uniforms – it was like a hotel health spa – and they were open on Sunday. 

A very unusual work of art on the wall caught my eye.

20140511_titanic life preserver (Small)


The life preserver (mini preserver) from the Titanic was certainly a long way from home.

The spa is worth another visit next time we are in Ensenada.  They even had bottles of Costco water for us to take with.

A new store that sprang up since our last visit was an Israeli Food Stand

 20140511_israeli restaurant ensenada (Small)

that was run by an Israeli girl (smelled good in there but not Kosher).

20140511_Docked at Ensenada (Small)

Grand Princess Docked

We made it back to the ship about 7:15 PM and had a quick dinner in the buffet.

After dinner, we took in Steve Caouette (8:30 PM in the Vista Lounge).  We thought it might be a whole new show but we had seen some of the material before.  We left a few minutes early (at our own peril) to get seats for Sean O’Shea (Theater at 9:30 PM).  He did do some new stuff at this show and he was just as zany as ever.  Very good entertainer and really tall.

20140511_sean oshea 1 (Small)

Sean O’Shea

Hoping for smooth seas tonight…

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