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Sunday, November 24, 2013 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Cloudy – 50sF

Another cold day at sea…

20131124_093746 (Small)

As you can see, I have made it to the Big Time.  My final presentation – “Forensics and History – Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” is at 1:00 PM in the Celebrity Theater.  Somebody should inform that “Tinger” fellow that I am going on in his place.

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Below the Title

Damian came by to introduce me and Ellen captured the moment.

20131124_055532 (Small)

Pre-Talk Photo Op

20131124_060120 (Small)

Great Intro by Damian

20131124_060135 (Small)

My Turn

The turnout was very good considering the size of the theater – 1300 capacity. I estimated about 500 people or about 2.5 Celebrity Centrals worth of attendees.  The move to the theater was a good one.  I have never ended on this talk but a little maneuvering of the closing slides made it work.  I am told that about 500 passengers will be staying on for the next cruise.  I wonder how many will come to the talks the second time around.  All in all, a good run on this cruise.

After the talk, some quality quiet time in the Solarium.

20131124_082907 (Small)

Ellen and her Kindle in the Solarium

We attended the Farewell Show – a combination of acts from previous shows.

Tomorrow, we are in Barcelona.

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