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Saturday, November 30, 2013 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mostly Sunny – 68F

A warm day at sea…

20131130_064820 (Small)

It’s a big day for Lecturers today.  I am on at 10:15 AM; Destination Speaker, Scott Homler is on at 1 PM and Carolyn is on at 2:30 PM.  I don’t know if it’s better to be first or last.  We all have our name in “lights” on the marquee.

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My presentation – “The CSI Phenomenon” – draws approximately 400 people.  The attendance is hard to estimate but there are certainly more people than Celebrity Central could hold.  I was Introduced by Damian and the talk went well. 

I attended both Scott Homler’s talk on the Canary Islands (I did find out that the Islands are not named after Canaries but rather dogs (Canis)) and Carolyn’s talk on “Exploring the Depths of Space”.  The audiences certainly got their money’s worth with respect to enrichment today.

After dinner in the Dining Room, we caught Showtime in the Theater. The Pampas Devils are still on board so it was an evening of tango and bolos.

In the Ensemble Lounge, we listed to the Brazilian sounds of the Elaine Abras Quartet.  She is a very good lead vocalist.

20131130_143710-1 (Small)

Elaine Abras Quartet

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