Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday, December 9, 2013 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Sunny – 85F

We have successfully crossed the vast Atlantic Ocean…

The ship actually arrived in FLL around 10:30 PM Local Time to deal with a medical emergency on board  - the ship was cruising at about 20.5 knots to get into port faster. 

I was actually awakened in the middle of the night by what I thought was the sun coming up but was actually the lights from the pier.

Did not take any pictures today.

We were up early to grab breakfast in the Ocean View Café – not too crowded.  At our designated time, we went to the Dining Room to wait for our tag color and number to be called.  That took a little longer than expected but the real wait was in Passport Control.  I estimated that that took about an hour – just a lot of people squeezing into four or five Immigration Booths.  We were in line with Jayne Curry, who was chatting with passengers.  My cap and glasses disguise was ineffective as many passengers came up to talk to me, as well.  We eventually got through the line and boarded our transfer to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare – Our flight American 2374 (B737-800) – was scheduled to depart FLL at 1:25 PM.  We had lunch at the airport and also ran into Jayne again in the Lounge (I think she was going to Philadelphia and then back to England). 

The flight itself was uneventful and soon we were home.

A long but highly enjoyable voyage on the Celebrity Equinox.

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