Friday, March 3, 2023

January 30, 2023 – Georgetown, Grand Cayman - Partly Cloudy - 85F

Another quiet night.  Seas were calm as captured via porthole cam.

I was up several time during the night – the night light in the bathroom quit so that complicated things.  I was finally up for good around 6 AM – took a shower and got ready to go up to breakfast.  Ellen had ordered from Room Service, and I was happy to see that the order sheet was gone.

Even though the Windows Café opened 30 minutes early at 7:00 AM, I was able to get my nice seat, and catch a brilliant sunrise.

Today, I opted for waffles, cottage cheese, sour cream, and strawberry jam, and their yummy scrambled eggs.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman is a tender port and I saw the tenders warming up just off the ship.

We found some nice seats out of the sun on the pool deck – the window near us was also open giving us a little breeze, which is hard to come by when at anchor.  As you can see, I was able to get really comfortable.

I was able to get my transfer receipts printed out by Guest Services and I went to see Roy about the reimbursement process.  While I was there, Roy wanted to know whether I could send him some additional titles for the second cruise because he said there were a lot of back to back cruisers.  I sent him three additional titles later via email.

I am continuing to read “The Monkey’s Raincoat” and it is a very interesting read.

We had lunch in Windows back deck.  I ordered a grilled tuna wrap and although it was good, it was different than I remember it – not as seasoned or spicy (I was later told that the spicy sauce was on the side).  I had a nice salad along with that and a Leffe Beer completed the lunch.  Dessert was a rapidly melting and sloppy soft serve.

We are back in our seats on the pool deck – while we were at lunch, our towels were removed and the magazine on the seat was placed on a nearby table. It started to get a bit warm on the pool deck so we retreated to the Living Room.  

We listened in on the Astronomy Trivia hosted by Astrid – I might have tied the winner with 15 correct.

Tonight was “The Taste of Japan” in the Windows Café.  I was expecting some amazing stir fry but the veggie stir fry was bland – they only had one sauce – Soy.  The other option was a hot chili sauce so that was a non-starter.  They also didn't have any noodles, only rice, so stir fried noodles were also unavailable.  I did have the veggie ramen which was also pretty bland.  We might scratch the Japanese Buffet for the next leg.  I did get some very nice pictures of the sunset from the back deck.

We went to The Patio to get some dinner so I wound up with Salmon, a salad, mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and veggie lasagna.  All in all, the food was OK. The pool deck is light up nicely at night.

We passed on the entertainment tonight – Big Band Music with the Onward Orchestra followed by a late show (9:30 PM) featuring Martin.  Simply too late for us.

We had coffee and some chocolates in the Mosaic Café and then to the room.

I got an email from Roy that I would be doing an additional talk, “The CSI Phenomenon” on February 9, a Sea Day. That makes eight sessions on this cruise.

Lights out at 10:30 AM – seas are a little rocky.

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