Friday, March 10, 2023

February 16, 2023 – Guayaquil, Ecuador – Scattered T-Storms – 88F

I had a jumpy night – caffeine instead of decaf? Too much sensory input from the late shows?  Who knows?  I was up and down all night.  Good thing, there is not a whole lot to do today but relax.  The weather outside is iffy. Here's the ship's location in Guayaquil.

I waited until 7:30 AM before going up to Windows so that the guests going on excursions could finish their breakfast.  My timing was a little off because the place was still full when I arrived.  I was lucky that my table – the first one by the window on the Port Side just opened up.  The servers wiped down the table with disinfectant and I popped by magazine/seat holder on the table.  Today, I had Rice Krispies and Strawberries, and two pancakes with cottage cheese.  I just wanted to reduce the size of breakfast a bit.  It was all good and as I was eating, the place essentially cleared out and quieted down.  I had a good seat, and the coffee was hot.

Most of the ship is going on excursions to Guayaquil so we will have the run of the place today.  We had thought of taking the ship-provided shuttle to Plaza Seminario and walking around and visiting the new mall across the street, but the forecast today was hot and humid and 88F.  So that idea did not fly. 

The heat kept us inside the ship most of the day – the Living Room being the best choice.

Lunch – Windows Café – grilled tuna wrap and Carlsberg beer - the lunch of the gods.

Finished Robert Crais’ “Stalking the Angel”.  The book was a lot more serious than the first novel and dealt with the Yakuza – I guess you have to be serious on that topic. Joe Pike, Elvis’ associate did not do much in the first book but here, he was a key character when it came to dealing directly with the bad guys.

I did get out on the open deck for a picture of me and Guayaquil.

Dinner – “Taste of Italy” tonight in Windows – the best international option for us.  I had a wonderful pasta made for me (veggies and marinara sauce).  The focaccia bread (with tomatoes on top) was a bit under baked but still very good.  The desserts – tiramisu and cannoli were okay.  No post dinner coffee tonight – sometime real coffee sneaks in.

We watched the ship sail away and navigate the river from the Windows Cafe.

The Second Production Show, “Wanderlust”, at 8:15 PM was loud and confusing. 

Something has happened to the sound system – not only is it twice as loud as it was but it has an annoying “bathroom style” echo.  I also thought that the show was using a background track to put more body into the musical numbers.  The connection between the songs, the Seasons, and the destination wasn’t that clear, but I did like the animated choreography.  The real star of the show was the Hi-Def background screen – it was almost like a min-Celebrity Edge screen.  Bottom line – the show was so loud it gave me a headache and I don't think it was the sound engineer's doing.

We tried to take in East Pearl in the Living Room, but they were also very loud.  We sat in the back of the venue to get away from the speakers but then gave up and went to the room.

Earlier in the day, we had run into some contractors in the Mosaic, and they said they were here to work on the AV system. I wonder if they did something to the sound system to amp it up.  If so, it will be difficult for us to attend the remaining production shows. 

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