Thursday, March 2, 2023

January 28, 2023 – At Sea – Mostly Cloudy – 78F

A smooth and quiet night – don’t really know if we have neighbors.  The other speaker, David, is in this corridor but I don’t know where. 

I got up about 5:30 AM and got ready to go up to breakfast at 7:30 AM, when the Windows Café opens (they open late on all the Azamara Ships). Waffles and pancakes are prepared to order at the window just before you get to the buffet area.  I asked Sarah, the short order cook behind the counter for waffles and she used one of those hotel type waffle makers (ones that take two and half minutes to make a waffle).  I got some scrambled eggs and some cottage cheese and then retrieved my waffles.  I asked one of the servers for sour cream and it came in just a few minutes. The coffee, while in small cups, came hot – I asked for two.  The breakfast was very good and made even better by the small number of people in the Café and the nice table I got against the window. Just check out this masterpiece.

I brought Ellen her breakfast of lox, cream cheese, cucumbers, whitefish, assorted fruit, a roll, and hot tea.  It’s a short walk to the room from Windows.

We both went to David’s talk at 11 AM in the theater about the early days of the Canal.  His great uncle and aunt visited the canal and took pictures and he shared those with the guests. It was an interesting talk and he had a near full house. On the way to the Lounge, I ordered an iced mocha decaf, my signature drink.  This officially started the cruise.

Lunch was in the Windows Café, and I had fresh pasta with veggies and Marinara Sauce prepared for me at the pasta station.  So glad they have a pasta station on this ship.  I had a Greek Salad with that and that was lunch. The Sunset Veranda, as the back deck is called, is a great place for all your meals.  Check out the view.

I got a late start on my talk, “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs”, scheduled for 1 PM because bingo ran late.  I set up quickly and got a nice introduction from Roy, the Assistant Cruise Director.  

The AV was great with the screen on this ship even sharper than the one on the Quest.  I also had a good turnout – maybe 200 people (the Theater capacity is difficult to figure out – online, it ranges from 300 to 450) – almost all areas of the theater had people sitting in them and the area right in front of the stage was full.  

I was quite happy with the attendance.  I got a nice round of applause at the end and some positive feedback from passengers.  I think people will be back – no one left the talk before it was over – always a good sign.

We spent a lot of the afternoon in the cabin – we were tired and it was breezy outside.

We were planning to go to dinner in the Discoveries Restaurant but when the menu finally came out, there was nothing for us to eat.  We went upstairs to Windows and there was nothing there either. We did, however, manage to get a selfie and nice couple pictures thanks to a very nice server.

We wound up eating at the Patio, which is an area outside close to the pool.  They have their own menu and a grill to prepare the food.  Ellen had the Salmon and Veggie Lasagna, and I had the Tuna, bake potato with sour cream, corn on the cob, and a salad from their own salad bar.  This was the same menu we had seen before on the Patio, but the food was prepared better and was much tastier and fresher than what we have had in the past on other ships.  A new chef perhaps.  The apple pie was not that great.

We opted not to go to the show tonight – Violinist Jakub Trasak was the performer and we had seen him before and we are not really violin people.

We sat for a while on the open deck – the wind had abated.  

We would have stayed longer but were driven to the room by the diesel fumes wafting across the deck.

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