Tuesday, March 7, 2023

February 9, 2023 – At Sea – Partly Cloud – 79F

A quiet night and maybe some sleep after all.

After ordering pancakes and eggs from Room Service on excursion days, I am back to my regular routine of waffles, cottage cheese, and jams up in the Windows Café.  The ship has run out of strawberry jam and is using those little room temp packets of jam you find in coffee shops.  They still have orange marmalade in the fancy mini jars.  By the way, in the humidity on board, those little jars are tough to open because you can't get a grip.  The breakfast was good. My table was cleared and it's just me, my People Magazine, and the Pacific Ocean.

My talk is not until 2 PM today and we are supposed to attend a “back-to-back” cruiser meeting at 1 PM.  We had lunch in the Windows Café – tuna salad on a baguette and a salad. 

There are a lot of back-to-back guests, and we were informed of the procedure by the Captain, Hotel Director, Security Officer, and Martin.  We were also told that the ship would impose at 10PM to 6 AM curfew (no one may leave the ship at that time).  Lima has a similar curfew.

I had a very nice turnout for my last lecture, “Forensic Detectives: Identifying America’s Fallen Heroes”.  I estimated that about 85 percent of the theater was full - estimating around 200 but the exact number will remain a mystery. A nice round of applause at the end and some very nice feedback from the guests.  This has been a very successful gig. 


There was a beautiful sunset tonight and I captured it.

It was a “Taste of India” buffet tonight in Windows, so we ate out on the patio.  Salad, Salmon, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob comprised the meal.  It was all good except the salmon was a tad undercooked (our bad for not asking for it to be well done). We took some unknown desserts for the buffet and had coffee and tea on the Patio.

The headliner tonight was Comedy Magician, Kristian Grey.  

We had never seen him before, and he was more comedy than magic.  

He did have a pretty amazing final trick where his shoes went from his feet to a bag he was holding.  We are going to have to watch him to that again on the next cruise if he’s here.  He was pretty funny, but I got the impression that he had recruited audience members for some of the tricks.  Entertaining, nevertheless.

We went the room after the show as we have an early excursion tomorrow.

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