Monday, March 13, 2023

February 23, 2023 – Roatan, Honduras – Sunny, Warm – 81F

We are back in Roatan and after a long absence.  I think the last time we were here was on a family cruise.

I was up early enough to beat the sunrise.  The sea was a little choppy as Onward approached Roatan.

Anticipating a crowd, I was up in the Windows Café at 7:00 AM – there were a lot of people there, but I did get a seat.  

The entire Veranda area is in the sun, but I don’t really mind.  I had my pancake combo (ricotta cheese again but my waiter did get me some sour cream) but this time instead of scrambled eggs I had a scrambled omelet with cheddar cheese (he must have used four eggs because the omelet was too much for me). While I was having breakfast, the Oceania Riviera came on in and docked at the pier.  

I guess Onward just didn’t have priority.  Also, we got an announcement from Captain Carl that the Breakaway requested that we depart early so they can get out of the harbor easier and so we are leaving an hour (5 PM instead of 6 PM) early from Roatan.  We really do not have priority.

We are also tendering today but our anchorage looks pretty close to the island so that should not be a problem.  Also, here today and dwarfing the Onward is the massive NCL Breakaway.  

Here's our position - There are two ships on the map but I doubt that the satellite just took that shot. Still - kind of cool.

Folks not on excursions cannot go ashore until after 11:00 AM so that shortens the time here considerably.  We decided not to get off the ship as we have been here several times and from where we were, it did not look that interesting on the shore.  The last time we were here there was a very nice Cruise Terminal and shops - they may still be there and hidden by the ships but the end of the pier looks deserted. Take a look.

A pretty straightforward reading day – still working on “Lullaby Town”. 

Lunch was a tuna sandwich and some salad up in Windows.  We found a shady spot.

Ellen did get a picture of me on the Veranda.

I also caught a plane coming into Roatan airport.

The sail away is special today as Martin and Roy are going to do a show on Deck 9.  

We got good seats and listened while they did songs like “The Dentist” from “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” from “Les Mis”.  Sabrina, one of the dancers, did a dance number.

It wasn’t a long show, but it was an entertaining show.

“The Taste of France” did not have anything we could eat so we had the usual Salmon and fixings out on the Patio.  The salmon is good and fresh and it’s nice out there, but we have had to resort to the default conditions several times during these cruises. 

The show tonight is Andew Merry’s Second Show.  This one was his “Scottish Show” complete with his kilt outfit and bagpipe backup.  

The songs were nice – he did two poems by Robert Burns set to music and a song from the TV show “Outlander”.  He finished up with “500 Miles”.  It was a pleasant show and better than his first effort and it was the best attended show of the two cruises.  I was also impressed by the fact that the bagpipers were able to bring those instruments on this trip.  I wonder how heavy they are or how easily they're packed.

Back to the room.

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