Saturday, March 11, 2023

February 20, 2023 – Cruising the Panama Canal – Mostly Sunny - 81F

I was up in the Windows Café at 7:30 AM expecting a lot of people but I guess the Azamazing Night took the wind out of folks, and they did not get up early.  I got the table in the port side corner of the Sunset Veranda.  It was just beautiful out there today and my breakfast was perfect – pancakes with chocolate syrup, bananas, and strawberries plus a couple of eggs over M.  Even the saltshakers, that have given up due to the humidity, yielded salt this morning.  My plan was to stay here most of the day and watch all the exiting of the locks.  Ellen joined me on the Veranda, and we watched a little bit of the transit until it got to warm for her.

Here's the route.

I used Google Maps to track the ship's progress through the Canal.

The ships position at 9:35 AM.

The ship's position at Noon.

David was narrating again, and I was shooting pics through the window in the Living Room.  We watched pretty much the rest of the passage from here.  Panama Canal transit and a nearby bar - who could ask for more.

Read to Transit
Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Aurora - Our Transit Buddy

In Miraflores Locks

Aurora and Onward side by side in Miraflores Locks.  I had to chuckle a bit when one of the "mule" drivers was on his cell phone while supposedly watching the ship's distance from the walls.

Stay Frosty

Pedro Miguel Locks Station
Pedro Miguel Locks
Cocoli Locks from Pedro Miguel
Garun Lake

We ran into an old friend in Gatun Lake.  Celebrity Edge was spending time until she could return to Fort Lauderdale.  We've done this "Panama Canal" itinerary on Celebrity before.  

David told us that as part of the process, pilots swap out at Gamboa. A new pilot will now take the ship to the Atlantic.


Pilot Swap at Gamboa
Contractor Hill, Culebra Cut, and Continental Divide

The Atlantic Bridge

We broke for lunch in the Windows Café and did not go to Windows for the "Taste of Indonesia" Buffet (instead had freshly grilled salmon and fixings out on The Patio).

The Headliner tonight is Andrew Berry, a Scot who competed in the X Factor.  He had the heaviest brogue but sang in “American” (some of his words came out odd because he was trying to avoid the accent).  He sang songs that all of the singers on board have sung this cruise (“I’m Feeling Good”, “Cry Me a River”).  He was OK but not in the top tier of male vocalists we have seen in the past.

We passed on Roy’s show at 11:00 PM (too late and the same show we already saw).

Back to the room – we have an excursion tomorrow.

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