Friday, March 3, 2023

January 29, 2023 – At Sea - Mostly Cloudy - 80F

A quiet night with only an occasional bit of chop.  Onward is in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Cuba enroute to Grand Cayman.  Shots of the sea through our porthole ("porthole cam" indicated relatively smooth waters.

Today’s wonderful breakfast in the Windows Cafe consisted of two freshly made pancakes, chocolate syrup, walnuts and two eggs over medium.  Simply yummy.  See for yourself.

It wasn't quite warm enough to eat on the Sunset Veranda but from my excellent window seat, I watched the sunrise.

I brought Ellen just some fruit and hot tea because we went up for a mid-morning snack.  I had the herring (great) and a toasted bagel and coffee.  Ellen had her run of the breakfast buffet.

Today’s second lecture, “The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” is scheduled for 11:00 AM.  Besides the terrific weather outside, today’s competition is the Special Brunch running from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  The turnout was better that the first talk – I am estimating that there were about 200 guests at this talk.  

They were very engaged answering my questions and responding to the stuff on the screen.  I really like the Cabaret Lounge venue because it lets me get closer to the audience (sort of like "Celebrity Central" on Solstice ships.

The talk ran about 53 minutes and a few folks stopped at the podium to chat and share.  Ellen took them out to the hall – I didn’t know that and I went to the room.  I’ll catch those people next talk.

I had a simple lunch – salad bar (the Ranch Dressing continues to be a winner) and two very small slices of pizza (veggie and Margherita).  I also had a Leffe Beer. This made sense since this was my third meal of the day.

The meal was enhanced by the view from the veranda.

The shady side of open Deck 5 was off limits due to the wind.  The sunny side was perfect, and we found two loungers under a lifeboat, which shielded us from the sun.  It was so bright that it was difficult to read.  I just sort of meditated – did not nod off – and relaxed.  I am reading a new author, Robert Crais, and “The Monkey’s Raincoat”.  The book centers on a private eye, Elvis Cole, in Los Angeles.  Elvis is snarky like Spenser and the book also has a Harry Bosch vibe mostly due to the location detail used by the author.  I’m about 10 percent into it but I planned to finish the book over the next few days.

The ship also differs from other ships in that a bar server asked each person on the open deck if they wanted a drink.  I ordered a strawberry daiquiri which was really good until it was knocked over as we were leaving.  It was a big time cleanup made more complicated by the fact there was broken glass involved. 

We went to the Living Room for a while and listened in on the trivia (Olympics) and then to the room to get ready for dinner.

At 6:30 PM, we went to the Discoveries Restaurant for dinner.  What drew me there was the Baked Halibut (pretty good) and the Potato and Cheese Tatin (very good).  I also had a Cesar Salad (good but too big).  Ellen had the salmon, which was essentially raw, and a Cesar Salad.  When we first sat down, there were few people in our area – we had the last table against the forward wall (our usual seats).  By the time we finished our meal, the place was uncomfortably crowded.  While we ordered dessert (cheesecake – not cold) and Bananas Foster (the bananas were not sautéed) and coffee we decided to eat a little and go.  We are probably not going to stay for dessert next time.

Tonight’s show, “Club Crooner” started at 8:15 PM and by the time we got there, the seats in the back next to the spot operator were already taken.  

We’ll have to get there a little earlier next time.  The Signature Singers and Dancers are good singers, but they are still working on their dancing.  The show was supposed to feature crooners like Michael Buble and Natalie Cole but most of the songs were Sinatra and Bobby Darin.  The vocals, as I said, were pretty good especially the male singer who did our lifeboat drill – he looks like he has had some serious singing/dancing training. The show barely went 30 minutes making it the shortest show we’ve ever seen.  I also feel that the backgrounds – using the fancy screen – could have been more imaginative.  Maybe, they’ll work on that as they tune up the show.  Photos from the show.

"You Were Always on My Mind" Best song in the Show

After the show, we went to the room to settle down.

Lights out at 10:30 PM.

Seas are smooth.

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