Thursday, March 9, 2023

February 14, 2023 – Salaverry, Peru – Gray – Warm – Humid – 80F


Today is the actual official start of Cruise #2. A check of the porthole cam when I got up indicated smooth seas and foggy conditions.

I got a different table for breakfast in the Windows Café – someone was sitting in the table in the middle next to my usual spot, so I moved a few tables back (actually a better spot for social distancing).  The staff upstairs has changed and they, at least at this point, are not as responsive as the last breakfast bunch. I had my usual waffle plus breakfast. No Valentine paraphernalia around at breakfast time. The first breakfast of Cruise #2 was just as good as the past 16 breakfasts. I am in a wonderful rut.

I am still wearing my masks in elevators even though there has been no word on COVID – a lot of new people came on board and the incubation period is still running.  Just trying to be careful – there’s a lot of cruise to go.

We are not due to arrive at Salaverry until 11:00 AM so Roy, who is still in isolation but is negative according to Astrid, scheduled my first talk – “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs” - this morning at 10:00 AM.  I stopped by the Mosaic Café to pick up an iced decaf mocha – the new barista there makes a mean mocha and I let her know that – on my way to the theater.  I got there around 9:40 AM and there was one person present.  As I was setting up with the help of my new AV guy, Alex, more people came in.  

By the time, I was on my way, the theater was more than 70 percent full.  

To be honest, the excursion meeting place was also in the theater so maybe some of those folks were there for that.  The table was not set up yet so we will never know how many people came to pick up their tickets.  No matter, it was an engaged and enthusiastic audience.  They all clapped so now they are all officially the audience.  Talked with a few people afterwards – lots of positive vibes.

A lot of the ship went off to Colonial Trujillo so we stayed on a mostly empty ship.

Salaverry was just as gray and dismal as it was the first time out.  Not the city's fault - just the way it is.

There are two Peruvian Naval vessels docked next to us - they are giving tours of some kind.  The ship does have some big guns.

A tuna sandwich, some egg salad, and some Greek Salad (the Greek Salad on this ship is excellent because you can make it yourself) was lunch today on the Sunset Veranda.

The rest of the day was spent reading and staring at the grayness that is Salaverry.  The grayness was broken up by the two Peruvian Navy vessels, who, ironically, were gray also. 

Onward departed Salaverry at 6:00 PM – looking forward to seeing the sky and Sun again. I captured the sail away.

Tonight is “The Tast of Mexico Night” and after checking out the buffet, we went to the Patio for dinner.  Sarah is now the chef there and she and her fellow chef prepared our salmon dinners.  I had the mashed potatoes (good), corn on the cob (oily and soggy).  Ellen had a good baked potato.  We had some dessert from the buffet.  There was a heart-shaped cake for Valentine's Day for dessert.  

Each lady also got a rose from the servers out on the patio.  The rose lasted the entire cruise - nice.  One of the servers took our picture - Ellen is showing off her rose.

Tonight, Martin is doing a cabaret show “Love Songs” for Valentine’s Day in The Den.

He did a great job singing all my favorites including “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.  He and Roy are every bit as good as any male vocalist we have seen in all our travels.  Had some nice drinks made from an orange flavored liqueur - Disaronno - that we enjoyed during the set.

Plenty of movement in the ship as we head North.

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