Wednesday, January 18, 2023

January 1, 2023 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 85F

Another successful journey around the SUN.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

The first breakfast of the new year was wonderful as they all have been on this cruise. The best and most consistent meal of the day.

Another beautiful day at sea or as a cruise ship speaker calls it, "the mortal enemy".

To make up for lost time early in the cruise, today there are five BTP Speakers – I am giving two talks, Bill Fall is giving two talks, and the other speaker, Gary Kramer, is giving one.

My two talks are at 11:15 AM in the Club (“The Search for Jack the Ripper”) and 1:00 PM in the Theater (“The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”).  Crystal set it up that way so that the Titanic talk could be in the Theater.  

This meant that Ellen and I could go up to Café Baccio and repeat our nice morning of yesterday. 

It didn’t quite turn out that way.  I gave the server my order for an iced decaf mocha latte and what came was a hot decaf mocha latte.  She brought me a to go cup of ice and I guess I was supposed to pour the hot latte into the ice.  I did that but then noticed that there was no chocolate in the drink.  The server checked with the barista, and he admitted leaving out the chocolate.  She left the original drink and brought me a new drink – also in a to go cup.  Celebrity has gone to paper straws instead of plastic and these straws are long so as I was reaching for a napkin I brushed the straw and the drink wound up on the floor.  Cursed, no?  Half of housekeeping came to clean up the mess.  Finally, a decaf mocha latte iced arrived in a glass and while it could have used some more chocolate, I didn’t want to press my luck.  Also, I noticed that the sustainable straw was manufactured from marine waste – TMI.

To my surprise, the Club was nearly full for the Ripper talk and the crowd was very engaged and interactive.

From there, I went to hear Bill’s talk in the theater on critters of the rainforest.  I picked up a banana muffin from Baccio and that was lunch.  He had a small crowd but it was lunchtime.

While I was setting up for my presentation, and Bill was getting his equipment together I asked Bill if he would like to join us for Dinner at the Normandie Restaurant.  We would meet there around 5:15 PM.

I had a somewhat bigger crowd for my talk but much smaller than I am used to.  Perhaps, BTP overkill.


Just another verification that this was not a speaker friendly crowd.  Still, I got some nice feedback from attendees and that was good enough for me.

We got another couple of seats on the Magic Carpet and spent some quality time out there on a beautiful afternoon.  While out there, I used the ship’s WiFi to check in to both of our flights tomorrow – I had electronic boarding passes for Silver Air and United Airlines.

Dinner with Bill turned out to be a nice evening – Bill always has some good stories to tell.  Our food was good and since we weren’t going to the show, we had time for coffee and dessert. 

Our transport to the airport was arranged by Crystal and packing was pretty straightforward.

As I indicated, we aren’t going to the show tonight because Vinnie Grosso is doing his mentalist and neither of us are fans of those kinds of shows.

While we were both feeling OK, we decided to use our COVID tests to make sure we didn't bring home anything.  Both tests were negative.  Being careful does pay off.

The options in Eden Acoustic weren’t there tonight either so we were in the room early.  

The bags were in the hall well before 10 PM - we had a chance to settle down and relax.

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