Thursday, January 12, 2023

December 24 – 2022 – At Sea – Partly Cloudy – 85F

Another nice day at sea – slept pretty well.  The fridge was making a little noise so only one earplug was necessary.  

Found my usual seat in the germ-free zone (I hope) of the Oceanview Cafe and watched the Sun come up again - it never gets old. 

It is quieter than usual up here so I guess the screaming lady must be having a later gig today.  Breakfast is still good with a real waffle this time.  After some back and forth about whether there was sour cream out on the buffet, I was able to get one of the server folks to get me some sour cream, but it took so long that I had basically finished my waffle and cottage cheese.  The coffee was not hot this morning for some reason. Hot coffee is an important component of breakfast.  Here's the breakfast of champions.

We had lunch in the Eden’s Café – I remember how good the tuna sandwiches on freshly sliced bread were.  Unfortunately, the tuna was only available in a mini pita, and I did not care for the new version. What was good was the Salad with gorgonzola, beets, and walnuts along with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Honey cake was the dessert instead of the honey walnut version of the past.  Still the salad was very good.  The place is very popular and fills up quickly – we got there right at opening. They have two lines to get food - the first line is like an assisted salad bar - you tell them what you want, and they assemble your salad.  The second line is for sandwich orders.  Iced tea is self-serve.  They use pagers to let people know when their items are ready.

No lectures again today – it’s a little odd but there are a lot of Christmas activities going on and the theater and Club are probably booked.  So, after lunch, we wandered up the Eden Fibonacci spiral to the hanging swings, where Ellen made herself comfortable.  

We went back to get ready for dinner and I decided to try and take a picture of the "Corridor of Weird", there are heavy metal figures that impede your way from the shop area to the Eden's area.  It's dark and a little tight in there and definitely creepy in an artsy sort of way.

When we got back to the room, we were greeted with a fantastic fresh flower basket.  I am guessing this had to do with our room issues early on.  It was beautiful and it lasted the whole trip and got more interesting as each set of flowers opened.

We had dinner up in the Oceanview Café and things have changed a lot since we were here last.  The biggest change is that the pasta station, my favorite, is gone – there is still a stir fry station but after looking at it, I opted not to try it.  Salad and pizza were the only things that appealed to us tonight.  The pizza is a little strange to in that there is not a lot of tomato sauce on the pizza just a lot of tasty cheese. 

We passed on the Christmas Show tonight in the theater and instead took in the acoustic set in Eden. No viola tonight just Lucy and Dalton.

First port of call tomorrow.  

Seas are smooth.

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