Wednesday, February 9, 2022

January 6, 2022 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – near Bahamas – Sunny – 79F

Got up early and watched the sunrise.

I ordered room service today even though my eight talk, “Forensic Detectives: The Search for Jack the Ripper” was scheduled for 10 AM.  Just to make things exciting, I spilled my entire bowl of oatmeal on the floor and even on the mirror.  I could have reacted better - like Ellen did - but didn’t.  She told the room attendant and it was cleaned up when we got back later.

The pancakes and eggs were good and I wound up with plenty of time before my talk.  There was a mix up in the Insider with both a 9 and 10 AM start time for my talk.  A sign was put on the theater door to let people know.

The talk went well – about 45 or so attendees – and a second goodbye and more applause.

We had lunch on Deck 9 Aft – I had my last tuna/spinach wrap of the cruise accompanied by a Leffe Beer.  The wrap was delicious and I will miss it along with the perfect onion rings.  I also liked the salad bar on the ship with my favorite dressings being Blue Cheese and Ranch. 

As we get closer to Miami, we see more ships coming and going.

We spent the rest of the day on Deck 5 – I am just a bit over half through my book.

Because we had laundry privileges, almost all of our clothes were clean and already in the suitcases.  We put in our final laundry bag only to find it hanging on our door handle, unlaundered.  Our neighbor told us that the bag made its way into his room.  I suspect our attended accidentally left it there instead of taking it to the laundry and our neighbor hung it on our door.  We almost got all our clothes cleaned.

After a few discussions with Guest Services, I was able to get our luggage tags, which were also our transfer tickets for tomorrow.  It always gets so complicated at the end of the cruise.

We just couldn’t deal with the Dining Room tonight, so we ordered room service. I had a veggie burger and Ellen had Salmon.  I thought I would be getting a Beyond Burger but actually got a patty made from veggies (carrots, beans, all held together with potato).  It was weird but it tasted OK.  Ellen did not care from her Salmon and neither of us were impressed by the cheesecake we had for dessert (it was not cold).

We were all packed (thanks to Ellen's superpower) so we decided to see a little of Sasha and Dima’s second show. We also ran into Tanya and said our goodbyes then.

We didn’t stay for the whole show and headed down to the room.  I put the suitcases out and we were ready to disembark tomorrow. 

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