Wednesday, February 9, 2022

January 5, 2022 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mostly Sunny – 76 F

I was up early so I watched the sun rise in the Caribbean from our cabin.

With the exception of a few isolated tropical storms, it is a beautiful day at sea.  I captured one of those storms as I was having breakfast up in the Windows Cafe. 

Today’s talk is at 9:30 AM so they can “fog” the theater before the captain does his usual Q&A at 11:00 AM.  As far as anti-COVID mitigation, I am in the "control group". 😀

My talk, “Forensic Detectives: Identifying America’s Fallen Heroes”, pulled the usual audience of around 50 people including 4-5 Veterans.  It ran 43 minutes.  Good feedback from guests.  I thanked the audience for attending the Forensic Series and got a nice bit of applause. I cleared out quick so the sanitizing crew could do their thing.

I came back to listen to the captain and to learn anything new about the COVID situation on board.  He talked a lot about the new owners and the improvements they had made to the ships in the fleet.  He did level with us about the cases on board and how it was affecting our ability to visit ports.  He stressed masks still another time.  It was not his usual talk and it was informative.

At lunch in the Windows Café, we learned that the COVID Count for Guests was now 26 and for crew 27 positives – large numbers of crew are still in quarantine including our waiter, Tin.  We had word of this earlier because Armando, our waiter from Cruise 1 is now back serving our tables.  We both had some great items off the lunch buffet (very rare for me) – Teriyaki Salmon (better than the salmon downstairs) and pasta with creamy sauce plus a salad.  Diet Cokes made everything taste better.

We got good seats on Deck 5. Reading and Relaxing on Deck 5 was on the schedule for the afternoon.

We ate in the Discoveries Restaurant tonight – I had the Iceberg Lettuce Wedge with Blue Cheese (the best salad in the dining room) along with an Eggplant Cannelloni with pesto pasta – it was not cannelloni, but it was one of the best dishes on these two cruises. 

A nice meal complemented by a colorful sunset - viewed from out cabin (last minute packing).

We spent the rest of the evening in the Mosaic Café, which was sparsely occupied this evening.

While we were there, the captain said that he was not able to get a decision from Nassau, so he decided to bypass Nassau and make tomorrow another sea day.

Clocks move back one hour to put us on Miami Time.

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