Friday, June 29, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 – Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – Party Cloudy – 80F

For some reason not a good sleeping night.

We are back in Sint Maarten for the umpteenth time – yet, I never tire of coming here. 

The last time we were here – a few months after the hurricane hit – we were the only ship docked. Today, there is another cruise ships here.  From the deck, I watched the Freedom OTS maneuver to her docking area next to us.

IMG_20180307_Freedom OTS coming inIMG_20180307_Freedom OTS

Freedom OTS Arriving

I took some pictures of the bay and island from the deck.  The vegetation has still not all grown back to its pre-hurricane lush green.  But it looks improved since our last visit.  Sun and rain will do the trick.

IMG_20180307_Sint MaartenIMG_20180307_st Maarten from ship 1IMG_20180307_st Maarten from ship

St. Maarten from the Eclipse

IMG_20180307_Eclipse and Freedom OTS

Celebrity Eclipse and Freedom OTS

Ellen is staying on board today and I have an appointment with the woman who runs the spa that we visit when we are here. Her nice place in town on Front Street was flattened by the Hurricane so she is working out of temporary quarters. She met me at her old place and escorted me to her temporary spa a couple of miles out of town via an island local bus ($1). As everyone got on the bus, they said “Good Morning” – this is a friendly island.  After the appointment, she  escorted me back the same way and I took a cab back to the ship. I was back on board at 11:30 AM.

We had lunch at the Spa Café (my food came partially from the Oceanview Café).

We tried the Solarium Pool – it was not exactly a Thalassotherapy pool – it was not as warm - but I did a few laps and it was nice being in the water.

Tonight’s dinner was in the Oceanview Café.  I had the chef whip me up some pasta a Oglio with veggies – very good. Crepes made to order was the dessert special.

Tonight is the second production show – “Rock City”. Since this is not our kind of music and it was advertised as being loud, we instead went to the ensemble lounge to hear Michael Redden and Passion Duo back to back. The Lounge was not as crowded as the night before and we had good seats right in front of the “stage”. Two good performances.

Then back to the room.

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