Tuesday, June 5, 2018

February 14, 2018 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean - Mostly Sunny – 77F


A very long night – the seas were OK but perhaps a combination of faux Decaf plus screaming girl added up to a tossing – turning - getting up night.

IMG_20180214_at sea from 5714 aIMG_20180214_at sea from 5714

Adding to the complexity of this morning was my scheduled mid morning presentation.  I checked the clock on the phone to make sure I was on the right time and headed up to the buffet as it opened. Skipped the omelet this morning because yesterday’s dish had chunks of meat in it. Went with the chocolate chip pancakes and an egg over easy (for fiber, some shredded wheat miniatures).

My final presentation is at 10:15 AM – “The Search for Jack the Ripper”. I don’t believe that I have ever given this many lectures on a cruise before. Perhaps, I could do a long cruise by giving talks every other sea day – who knows. This time, I followed Humberto, the Destination Lecturer. The attendance was very good again – I would say that the talks averaged between 500 and 600 attendees over the course of the cruise.  Again, I don’t know the percentage of English speaking passengers but I considered the turnouts to be successful.

IMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper 1IMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper 2IMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper 3IMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper 4IMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper head outIMG_20180214_Jack the Ripper

“The Search for Jack the Ripper”

Today the ship offered the second “Pub Lunch” of the cruise in the Bayou Creek Restaurant. It’s very popular and people started queuing up pretty early. We got in with the first group. Again, the fish and chips were excellent – the best food on the ship.

Again, we had the whole afternoon to ourselves.  A pretty day at sea

IMG_20180214_at sea starboard

but still a bit windy on the open deck so we spent it reading in the Lotus Pool Lounge.

Before dinner, I captured another iconic Ellen deck picture.

IMG_20180214_iconic with sunset

Another “magic moment”.

IMG_20180214_magic moment 1

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