Friday, June 22, 2018

February 17, 2018 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Mostly Sunny – 90sF

A beautiful, warm day in the BA.

The room was quiet – no earplugs – makes such a difference in sleep quality.

I went down early – 7:00 AM – to have breakfast (included). I had grapefruit juice (yummy), Argentine corn flakes with milk, watermelon and orange slices, a delicious roll, and a slice of very good bread with local spreadable cream cheese (consistency of sour cream) and delicious preserves of some kind. A custard filled croissant finished off the very good breakfast. The coffee, which is usually undrinkable outside the US, was really good – I used hot milk in the coffee. All in all, a bonus. Ellen came down later and she had the kitchen make her a scrambled cheese omelet (110 AR$ or $5.50).

The plan today is to walk to the Recoleta Cemetery to visit the grave of Eva Peron.

The Recoleta Cemetery, just a few block from the hotel, is located in an area with parks and monuments.

IMG_20180217_Recoleta Plaza

On the way, we walked by a hotel and were told told by the doorman (from NY actually) that Evita lived in the hotel before she took up with Juan Peron to make Andrew Lloyd Weber famous.

IMG_20180217_Evita lived hereIMG_20180217_two Queens

Evita Slept Here

It took us a while to find Evita’s grave – again, it was decorated with flowers – there were tours lined up to take a look and snap some pictures.

IMG_20180217_Recoleta Cemetery

 IMG_20180217_Evita mausoleum 1

IMG_20180217_Evita mausoleum

Recoleta Cemetery and Evita Grave

We didn’t stay long as it was really hot and the heat reflecting off of the while stone made it even hotter. We saw another interesting statue of a woman apparently killed in an avalanche – all I could think of was the old Topper TV Show and the ghosts of George and Marian Kirby (and St. Bernard Neil) also victims of an out of control snow slide.

IMG_20180217_Avalanche victim

Avalanche Victim Memorial

We took a different route back so we could check out some of the shops and restaurants in the area.  One nice thing – the tourist information kiosks in the area provide cold water to parched and heat-stricken tourists.  We took advantage of that little nicety.

IMG_20180217_Atlas and me BA

Me in a Park Along the Way

We were quite happy to make it back to our air conditioned hotel room.

In the evening, we went about a block and a half to the Patio Bullrich Mall – a very fancy mall – people open the door for you sometimes.

IMG_20180217_Patio Bullrich Mall

Patio Bullrich Mall

The place is also populated by security guys that look like Secret Service (ear buds and all). We thought we might be able to find something for dinner. It may be a fancy mall but someone managed to sneak a Mickey D into the place (no filet of fish in BA). At the far end of the mall and in the center of the food court is a Gourmand eatery, offering just about anything you could want (and also accepting credit cards). We settled on an artisanal Pizza (230 AR$), a beer, and a Coke Zero. The rectangular pizza came on a superhot rectangular metal plate that stayed very hot the entire time we were there. Never seen anything like that before. The pizza was very good (next time, hold the olives).

We walked a bit more around the mall and then around the neighborhood before heading back to the A/C.

We booked a tour for tomorrow through the hotel – the “Tigres River Delta”.

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