Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mild and Breezy – 70s

The earplugs are minimizing the hum and groan (still sounds like fan noise) in the room.

I was at the Oceanview Café when it opened and took a picture of the sea just after sunrise.

IMG_20180306_view at breakfast

View from the Oceanview Café 

After touching up my lecture for today, we both went to hear Eddy Jenkins at 11:15 AM in the Celebrity Theater.  Eddy’s talk is entitled  “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Music”. A rather sparse turnout for the cruise director. The presentation also had two numbers from Passion Duo – “Imagine” and “Hallelujah” (only three verses).  (Note:  These songs were repeated several times during the cruise).

I was on right after Eddy at noon in Celebrity Central – “The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”. The crowd was SRO and standing two deep in the back. Even so, this would be a small crowd in the theater and minimize the audience connection so we’ll keep it in Celebrity Central unless someone complains. The talk ran 53 minutes.

IMG_20180306_Unknown Titanic Child 1IMG_20180306_Unknown Titanic Child 2IMG_20180306_Unknown Titanic Child 4IMG_20180306_Unknown Titanic Child

Search for the Unknown Titanic Child

The Oceanview Café was still crowded so I got my food and went to the Spa Café to join Ellen. The Spa Café is a more peaceful lunch venue than the buffet (and the breadsticks are delicious). 

After a relaxing and beautiful afternoon on deck,

IMG_20180306_At sea port 1IMG_20180306_At Sea port

View from the Deck

Dinner was in the Moonlight Sonata Dining Room.  I was so thrilled because they offered tomato garbanzo soup. I bit into something I thought was tofu (?) but it turned out to be chicken. The Executive Sous Chef and the Asst Maître D all came by and apologized and I got a new bowl of soup. I was told it was an error by the garnish person who put the chicken in my soup post preparation.

IMG_20180306_was that Chicken in my veggie soup

What’s that in my Soup

Entertainment tonight was provided by comedian Dan Grueter – very funny interaction with the audience guy. Not a lot of energy from the crowd.

IMG_20180306_Dan Grueter comedian

We also took in Michael Redden in the Ensemble Lounge.  Some of his material is a 10 on the melancholy scale – still the sofas are comfortable and the place is relatively quiet.

We purchased tickets for excursions in Antigua and St Lucia.  Looking forward to that.

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