Monday, June 4, 2018

February 12, 2018 – Rio de Janeiro Day 3 – hot and muggy – 95F

No tours today again – a clean sweep for Rio.

IMG_20180212_Cruise terminal wall art

Cruise Terminal Art Wall

In the morning, we took the trolley to the City Center to see what was happening with Carnival. This time, the train did have conductors who came through and checked tickets (most people scanned their prepaid cards). I showed him my drivers license and he said OK. Free for anyone over 60. We got off the train at Candelaria and saw a whole line of floats that were slowly being moved to today’s parade.

IMG_20180212_Float lineupIMG_20180212_Floats City Center 1IMG_20180212_Floats City Center 2IMG_20180212_Floats City Center 3IMG_20180212_Floats City Center 4IMG_20180212_Floats City Center 5IMG_20180212_Floats City Center 6IMG_20180212_Floats City Center

Carnival Floats

After getting some great pictures of the floats, we walked toward the historic Church of Candelaria,

IMG_20180212_Candelaria Church

a massive structure which began life as a small Catholic chapel in 1609 (in thanks for surviving a shipwreck).  The current structure was begun in 1775 and is still being worked on today. 

Near the church, on one blocked off street, we encountered a large crowd of revelers.

IMG_20180212_ET and revellers

Ellen and the Revelers

Not knowing the temperament of the crowd and clearly standing out, we got back on the trolley and, instead of going back to the pier, we went to the end of the line, which was the Santa Dumas Regional Airport. At the airport, everyone got off – the train was cleared and a new destination lit up the train’s sign and now this same train was heading back in the other direction.

We still had 160 BRL to spend so we negotiated prices and picked up some local trinkets and some nice t-shirts. Any BRL remaining went toward Cokes – we really wanted some cokes. We spent exactly what we had.

From the upper deck of the ship, we could see the difficult process of moving the floats (and why the streets need to be blocked off).

IMG_20180212_floats from ship

Moving a Carnival Float

The Island Princess also got into the Carnival spirit – all decorated with streamers and other theme items.  Before dinner, the dancers came out and delivered their version of the Samba.

IMG_20180212_Carnival Island Princess Dancers 2

IMG_20180212_Carnival Island Princess Dancers 1

IMG_20180212_Carnival Island Princess Dancers 3IMG_20180212_Carnival Island Princess Dancers 4IMG_20180212_Carnival Island Princess Dancers

Tamer Version of Carnival

IMG_20180212_Zinger Quartet

Music Provided by the Zinger Quartet

Dinner tonight was in the Bordeaux Dining Room – we both had pan Fried Orange Roughy in a very tasty sauce along with a baked potato – very good.

IMG_20180212_new Rio outfit

Ellen Dressed for Dinner

Very scenic sail away – views of Sugarloaf and Copacabana Beach. I had to run out of the dining room to get pictures as the sail away was during dinner.  

IMG_20180212_Rio sail away 1IMG_20180212_Rio sail away port 1IMG_20180212_Rio sail away port 3IMG_20180212_Rio sail away port 5IMG_20180212_Rio sail away portIMG_20180212_Rio sail away starboard 1IMG_20180212_Rio sail away starboard 2IMG_20180212_Rio sail away starboard 3

IMG_20180212_Sugarloaf and pilot

Sugarloaf and our Pilot

IMG_20180212_Rio sail away starboardIMG_20180212_Rio sail away

Later on, it was “Magic Moment” time in the waters off Brazil.

IMG_20180212_Rio sail away magic moment

Showtime tonight featured David Mendelsohn, a Guitarist/Vocalist and his “Rock and Roll Soul Review”, which featured songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. He was pleasant and entertaining.

IMG_20180212_David Mendelsohn

Three very interesting days in Rio de Janeiro.  The next time we come here, we won’t be coming during Carnival.

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