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Monday, March 5, 2018 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Cool and Breezy – 70s

IMG_20180305_at sea

At Sea

Slept OK – despite a mysterious hum in our cabin (there’s always a mysterious noise in our cabins).

I went up to the Oceanview Café at around 7 AM (when they open) and got a nice table at the very end of the room. I found my waffle and cottage cheese (no sour cream as yet). I also tried the scrambled eggs (good) and the oatmeal (OK). The coffee is supplied by LaVazza and is really good. Breakfast won’t be an issue on this ship.

Ellen ordered room service – why not?

My first talk of the cruise, “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs” is scheduled for 12 Noon in Celebrity Central. There was a hair salon demonstration in the room when I got there. I beat the AV guy there so I set up my system (Celebrity Central uses a VGA cable so I used my HDMI adapter).

IMG_20180305_Me and Kristine

Kristine and Me pre-talk

IMG_20180305_Kristine intro talk 1 a

Kristine Introduction

IMG_20180305_Mystery of the Romanovs 1IMG_20180305_Mystery of the Romanovs

Mystery of the Romanovs

Kristine introduced me and by the time I got started the venue was more than 90 percent plus full. The talk ran about 48 minutes and there was a travel talk after mine. I spoke with some passengers after and got some good feedback. Again, it’s a question of legs. Note on dress code: I wore a short sleeve button down shirt with dress slacks and a sports jacket. A bit warm but comfortable.

I changed my clothes and we went up to the Oceanview Café for lunch. The place was a zoo and we were lucky to find a seat in the middle of a table. I couldn’t even get close to the salad bar. I settled for some pizza and side salads.

We tried the outside deck (Deck 5 on this ship) – half the deck (Port) is for smokers so it’s a matter of where the Sun is. It was a bit windy out on the deck but I did get some reading done – I am still reading “Night Shift” – the new novel (with a new lead character) by Michael Connelly. The book is starting off slowly but I am going to give it a lot of room to get going.

The menu offerings in the Dining Room were not that enticing so we went up to the buffet. I had the pasta guy make me a veggie pasta, which was OK but I should have added garlic to the mix. I also got my salad. It is very peaceful up in the Café so that’s a good option for dinner.

Showtime tonight was the first production show – “Topper”. The show is a cirque type production loosely based on Alice in Wonderland. Some original songs (or songs I didn’t know) and some songs. Flashy costumes and unique choreography. It was a long show and featured all six singers and six dancers, as well as five aerialists.

IMG_20180305_Eddie and the Captain

Eddy and the Captain Introduce the Show

IMG_20180305_Topper 1IMG_20180305_Topper 2IMG_20180305_Topper 3IMG_20180305_Topper 4IMG_20180305_Topper 5IMG_20180305_Topper 6IMG_20180305_Topper 7IMG_20180305_Topper 8IMG_20180305_Topper 9IMG_20180305_Topper 10IMG_20180305_Topper


After the show, we tried the Ensemble Lounge for music but they had a string duo there. We also tried the Sky Lounge , which was playing Latin Music in the background.

So we headed back to the room for P and Q.

Hoping for a quiet night.

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