Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Sunny – Cool – 60sF

Still sunny but getting cooler as we head north to San Diego.

 20130102_ships position (Small)

20130102_At Sea (Small)

At Sea – Pacific Ocean

There are still people out on the pool deck but now they are wearing jackets.  Anything to get a little more sun exposure.

20130102_Deck at sea (Small)

Pool Deck

After breakfast, we spent more of our time in the lounges – a little cool outside.

My final talk - “Identifying the Famous and Infamous” is scheduled for 3:00 PM in the Theater.  We found out that there is no rehearsal this afternoon so I don’t have to rush out right after the talk. 

Although the crowd was probably the same, the audience felt a bit smaller.  Perhaps folks were tired and/or packing.  Probably just a perception rather than a fact.  The talk itself went very well – at the end I had a slide showing a clip from every talk in the series.  I always try to include a picture of the ship (one from the tender ride in Cabo) as part of that collage.  A warm round of applause, a few thank you handshakes, and this series is a wrap.  Probably, the most successful series of talks yet.  Ellen snapped a lot of pictures of this last talk. 

IMG_20130102_Final Lecture (Small) IMG_20130102_Final Lecture 2 (Small) IMG_20130102_Final Lecture 4 (Small)IMG_20130102_Final Lecture 3 (Small)

The Final Talk

We ran into a little problem with debarkation – we had hoped to walk off with our bags just after arrival so we could make our 10:39 AM non-stop flight.  We found out that all non-nationals must be cleared first before US Citizens can leave the ship.  This would take until about 9:15 AM. and there was no walk off at this port.  Guest services let us use their SAT phone to contact United Airlines (who got us into this mess by changing the departure from 11:45 to 10:39 AM).  We set up a new flight that left around 1 PM and connected in SFO.  We would get home about five hours later than we would have at near 10 PM. 

Dinner was off the Vegetarian Menu.  Not as tasty as the first night but OK.

The show tonight was a combo show featuring Bruce Smirnoff and Antonio Solchi.  It was entertaining. 

A little time in the lounges and then back to the room to get our suitcases ready for the hall.  The good news is that Jamie was able to arrange transport for us to the airport.  The Entertainment Department has been terrific this entire cruise.

Bags in the hall before 11:00 PM.

Tomorrow, we will be in San Diego.

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