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Friday – December 21, 2012 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Sunny – Windy – high 70s

Choppy day at sea…

Not a good night – first, real coffee instead of decaf (they do look alike) and second, noisy neighbors at 1:55 AM (what could be on CNN that’s so important?) – Perhaps they were watching CNN so they could see “The End of the World” as it was happening.

 20121221_ships position (Small)

I had breakfast on the back deck again – a bit windy but very nice.

 20121221_At Sea (Small)

All around gorgeous day in the Caribbean Sea.  The noise level on this ship continues to be very passenger friendly.  Even the party band – Celebration – playing on the pool deck is keeping the decibel level in the “comfortable” range.

20121221_Celebration Band on Deck (Small) 

Celebration playing on the pool deck

My second talk is today at 2:30 PM again in the Cinema.  I got there early again to set up.  The projector wasn’t quite ready so I decided to chase down an AV guy working in the theater to help me set up (just in case the AV tech assigned to me did not show).  Soon I was all set up and waiting to see if the talks had “legs”.  At 2:00 PM, there were about 50 people present.  As the start time approached, the theater was packed, people were sitting on the stage, in the aisles and simply giving up (the couple that had been with me for two previous cruises came in late and didn’t stay).   Somebody in the audience had gone to the Guest Relations Desk earlier to complain about the crowding and another guest went there now to let them know about the seating issues.  As I was getting ready to start, I noticed that Jamie was standing there.  She proceeded to apologize for the crowding and assured the crowd that the next talk would be in the theater.  Wow…

Well, the talk - “Landmark Cases” – went well especially the ditty about London bus drivers and spit kits.  Apparently, this is a big deal in London.  Many Brits chimed in on this one.  A few folks stayed after and chatted.  Lot of fun.

We attended the Shabbat services in the Cinema at 5:00 PM led by one of the rabbis on board.  This service was well attended and very well organized.  The booklets supplied by Celebrity were also very helpful.  At the end of the service, everyone took their turn introducing themselves.  It was nice all around including – of course – the Manischevitz Wine.

Showtime tonight featured our old friend, Greg Bonham – Aussie and Las Vegas showman.  His show was fabulous – we caught the end of the early show and then the beginning of his show at the late version.  Much of his show is the same but he added a new video-enhance song (he wrote) called “You Must Love”.  It was great – shots of his parents, wife, and daughter taken back in Australia mashed up with his singing the same song in a desert setting (synched with his stage voice).  Pretty cool.  He also ended up with his other showstopper, “Who Will Stand for Freedom”.  The last time we saw him, he had a video backdrop for this song which make it more powerful.  No video this time but still a great song.  He puts on a great show.

20121221_Greg Bonham 1 (Small) 20121221_Greg with young Greg (Small) 20121221_Greg Duet - You Must Love (Small)

Three above: “You Must Love” – Greg Bonham

After the show, we went to the Rendezvous Lounge and caught a set from the Celebration Band.  The band is good and exotic sounding because the lead female vocalist is from Ukraine and sings with an accent – like listening to ABBA.

20121221_Celebration in Rendezvous (Small)

Celebration in the Rendezvous Lounge

Tomorrow: Cartagena, Colombia

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