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Thursday, December 27, 2012 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Sunny – off the Nicaraguan Coast - 84F

A totally beautiful day at Sea….

20121227_ships positiion (Small)

20121227_At Sea (Small)

Not a cloud in the sky…

My fourth talk - “Mystery of the Romanovs” is scheduled at 1:30 PM in the Celebrity Theater.  I have the whole morning off, which is spent out on the open deck catching up on this blog and going over the talk for the day.  Some of the graphics have to be changed to improve the visibility of the information in the Theater.

Tuna paninis for lunch in the Islands Cafe and then back out on the deck for a few minutes. 

The crowd for this talk was also very good – about the same as the first talk in the theater.  Some people are now sitting on the sides of the theater and a few are up in the balcony.  The group is still pretty interactive (I have positioned myself in the center of the stage and as close as I can to the edge – that spot works very well) and I was lucky to have one Russian speaking girl in the crowd who could translate the Russian from the Anna Anderson story.  The funny thing is she first spoke it in Russian before translating it – she indicated the grammar and spelling were correct.  A nice round of applause at the end.  Still going well.

After the show, we were back on Deck Six – on lounge chairs – feet toward the Pacific Ocean (below).  I have completed “Brimstone” by Preston and Childs – I was hoping that the devil was involved but alas it was not so.

20121227_Relaxin on the deck (Small)

What Cruising is all about

As the sun was about to go down, we heard some loud slapping sounds off the starboard side.

A school of dolphins were playing and pacing the ship.  There were several dolphins…difficult to photograph but I did manage to capture some of them in action.

20121227_Dolphins-1 (Small)

20121227_Dolphin Starboard Side (Small)

20121227_Dolphin-1 (Small)

Dolphins playing in the Pacific – Starboard

We were also treated to a lovely moonrise.

20121227_Moon over Pacific (Small)

20121227_E and Moon over Pacific (Small) 

The moon and the Ocean

After our favorite dinner (fettuccine with roasted garlic and mushroom and a poached egg – hold the pancetta) we took in the second production show: “Liverpool Knights” – a tribute to the British Music Invasion of the 60s.  Lots of singing, dancing, and picture taking.

20121227_Liverpool Knights 4 (Small) 20121227_Liverpool Knights (Small) 20121227_Liverpool Knights 1 (Small) 20121227_Liverpool Knights 2 (Small) 20121227_Liverpool  Knights 3 (Small)

Liverpool Knights

The place is relatively quiet today so I try to make some progress of my second book of the cruise: “Jack Reacher – Die Trying”.

Tomorrow – Puerto Quetzal. Guatemala

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