Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Partly Cloudy - 73F

Distance from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas: 295 Nautical Miles

20130101_Ships position (Small)

Another short day in Cabo San Lucas – In addition, my seventh talk is scheduled just as we push at 3:00 PM.  The ship is anchored so we need to get an early tender and then get back by about 2:00 PM so I can get ready for the talk.

There are great views of Cabo from the deck of the Century.

 20130101_Cabo (Small)  20130101_Cabo tender (Small)

A Century Lifeboat running Tender Duty

20130101_E on Tender Cabo (Small)

On the tender (A Cabo Tender)

The famed rock formation, Los Arcos, was visible from the ship – the closest we have been in our two trips here.

20130101_Los Arcos Cabo (Small) 20130101_Tenders away Cabo (Small)

Moving on the tender

IMG_20130101_on Tender to Cabo (Small)

The tender port was in the center of all of the shops and vendors.  It was a short walk to the larger shops.  The harbor area was loaded with pelicans but I shot this one because he had a white head (the others were brown).

20130101_Cabo White Pelican (Small)

Just beyond the port area is an interesting statue of a swordfish.  A good landmark to get you back to the tender port.

20130101_Fish Statue Cabo Harbor (Small)

As always, we are on the search for WiFi.  We found it this time at a McDonalds about 20 minutes away from the tender port.  Locals told us it might be closed but when we got there, it was open and full of customers.  I had a “Cono” for 90 cents and the WiFi was free and fast. 

20130101_McDs in Cabo (Small)

On WiFi

The restaurant was hosting a birthday party while we were there.

 IMG_20130101_BDay in McD Cabo (Small)

Birthday at Cabo San Lucas McDs

 IMG_20130101_McD in Cabo (Small)

Senor Ronald McDonald

Walking back to the tender port, we actually bumped into a health spa offering an hour massage for $20 – the lowest world wide price yet encountered.  The place was quiet, clean, and terrific.

We found our way back to the tender port and headed back to the ship around 1:30 PM.  Got some great views of the ship on the tender ride back.

 20130101_Century at Anchor 2 (Small)

The picture below was strange because the ship is in focus and the water is not.  It looks like the ship is in a light fog.

20130101_Century at Anchor 3 (Small) 

I couldn’t resist taking some more pictures of the Los Arcos rock formation.

 20130101_Los Arcos from ship (Small) 20130101_Los Arcos from ship 2 (Small)

IMG_20130101_Los Arco (Small)

The Carnival Splendor was also anchored in the harbor adding about another 2000 people to the crowds in Cabo.

20130101_Carnival Splendor (Small) 20130101_Cabo and Parasailor (Small)

Cabo beach and parasailor

IMG_20130101_Me and Cabo (Small) 

 20130101_Quiet time in Rendezvous Lounge (Small)

Quiet time in the Rendezvous Lounge

I got to the theater a little early to set up – I had a chance to watch Jamie teaching some passengers the “Thriller” dance (they are going to do a flash mob dance on the last sea day).  They were pretty good.

My talk (“Genetic Eyewitness”)– though scheduled in the afternoon on a busy and short port day – still drew a nice crowd in the theater.  I don’t give this talk very often on ships but it still came off OK and drew some interesting questions afterwards.

At dinner, we asked our waiters about the Vegetarian Menu.  It turns out that this ship has such a menu and some of the items are not on the regular menu as veggie entrees.  We ordered off this menu and the items were very good.

After dinner, we caught Bruce Smirnoff, a very funny comedian.  We had never seen him before – a comedian was very welcome.

 20130101_Bruce Smirnoff (Small)

Bruce Smirnoff

20130101_Ships posiiton (Small)

A visit to the various lounges completed the day.

Pedometer: 7152 steps; 3.39 miles; 350 calories

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