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Tuesday, December 25, 2012 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Coast of Panama / Costa Rica – Warm – 80sF

A beautiful day at sea…

20121225_ships position (Small)

 20121225_Off Coast of Panama (Small)

Off the Coast of Panama

20121225_Costa Rica in distance (Small)

Off the Coast of Costa Rica

Today is the big brunch in the Grand Dining Room.  It is pretty much all the same food you can get elsewhere but being in one place makes it special.  It is the only time, I get an omelet or bagels, lox, and cream cheese during the cruise.  It was nice and didn’t seem so crowded and chaotic as usual. 

20121225_At Brunch (Small) 

Ellen at the Brunch 

My third talk - “Cold Cases Solved” – is at 2:30 PM in the theater today by popular demand (translation: No one wants to sit on the floor).  It’s big venue designed to hold half the passengers for each of the two nightly shows – I am guessing a capacity of about 900 people (there are about 40 seats in each row and quite a few rows from orchestra to balcony. 

People did come in early – maybe 15 or so – at 2:30 PM there was a good audience – certainly bigger than the Cinema – maybe over 300 – who knows.  Jamie, there to introduce me, thought it was a great turnout.  I was able to use a headset and although the visuals were not as clear as in the Cinema, darkening the theater really helped as did the higher quality side screens.

IMG_20121225_Jamie Potter and Me (Small)

Jamie and me before the Presentation

A nice introduction by Jamie and off we went.  From the angle of the photo below, the place looks empty.  Nobody sits in those seats even during the actual shows.

IMG_20121225_Intro by Jamie 1 (Small)

 IMG_20121225_Cold Cases Solved (Small)

Cold Cases Solved

The talk went well, ended on time, and received a nice round of applause.  We will see whether the talks in the theater have legs.

After another nice dinner in the Grand Dining Room, we caught Lelani Marrell (from Vancouver Canada) at Showtime.  We had seen her on an Azamara Cruise and really enjoyed her show. 

20121225_Lelani Marrell (Small)

Lelani Marrell

Spent time with Eddie C in Michael’s Club and then lights out.

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